Sunday, May 22, 2016

More random bits....

 Chuck Nohara blocks for May!

My knitting is progressing well...

In fact I have cast off and am now on the back!

A block from a baby quilt I'm making....

Aren't those foxes cute?

 I'm May's Queen Bee in the Spelling Bee I'm in...

Thanks Mary!

These will be part of word quilt.

Stay tuned for more as they arrive,

to see the full saying I am making.

And a sweet piece of gauze that just needed

hemming, perfect for a baby wrap.

Yes, a typical week in the life of a crafter with ADHD!

Happy days!



  1. Lovely projects! I especially love you knitting.

  2. Every time I see you Chuck Nohara blocks, I want to make them. So cute!! Can't wait to see them together.

  3. Variety is the spice of life, especially a quilty/crafty life! You have such a great range of projects going on. I'm looking forward to seeing their finished states.

  4. It's nice seeing what you've been doing with your free time. You're very dedicated to those Chuck Nohara blocks. I especially like the words you've made. Is this a special/different bee you're in? Or did MCMB decide to do words this year? Where do you get your letters? Or is each person on her own to make them? BTW, I have the same fabric you used for "people." And I completely get ADHD! We do it so well, don't we?

  5. The fox fabric is so cute, it almost makes me wish I knew someone with a baby so I could make a quilt :) Love this months CN blocks, my favourite is the heart block, such lovely curves.

  6. Gorgeous projects Susan, I love the fox block, so perfect for a baby quilt.

  7. Busy as always, Suz! It's all looking great! How long till that baby blanket will be needed?

  8. Great work on those tricky blocks. And the pattern is looking great on the knitting. Really good progress.
    Love the look you are creating with the baby quilt. The foxes are fun! And I love the giraffes on the muslin.
    I do hope you are keeping warm this week.

  9. I love the Chuck Nohara blocks and your knitting is gorgeous too.

  10. The Chuck Nohara blocks just keep getting better and better. Love the heart.

  11. I really like those Chuck Nohara blocks! Very very nice!

  12. The Chuck Nohara blocks are so wonderful! Gorgeous fabrics combined with awesome sewing skills ;-) And the spelling bee is a wonderful bee - I'm curious what you'll be "saying" in the end!

  13. Your projects are beautiful, as always. I'm working on your bee blocks and they should be in the mail early next week. Sorry I'm soooo slow.

  14. Yes, those foxes are cute. I still reemmber us buying that fabric!


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