Sunday, May 1, 2016

Musical inspiration...

 I tried to use these for inspiration for this round of 

the Four-in-Art challenge!

 but no matter how much I thought about them,

I remained uninspired!

So while sorting out my photos recently,

I stumbled across this one...

taken at a beautiful concert hall in Melbourne,

where we saw Mary Chapin Carpenter last year.

I started to think about all the musical notes that 

had floated up there 

and were caught in the cupola.

This is what I began playing with...

and ended up with quite an abstract interpretation...

to arrive at this!

I chose a piece of vintage fabric for the backing, 

as a homage to the past.

A hombre-type binding for the fading sounds, 

and a variety of stitches for all types of music.

Abstract, right?!

I'm calling this "Musings"....

Make sure you check out the other wonderful 

interpretations of 

May's Music theme here:

Happy Sewing!



  1. Your backing fabric is perfect. Such a beautiful place to inspire you too.

  2. It's interesting that architecture, colour and music are in both your and Elizabeth's quilts. What a beautiful place - I love the way you've captured your experience there!

  3. I always enjoy looking at these art quilts made by your group. I like your interpretation of the concert hall, and that backing fabric really pulls it together.

  4. Wow! You've done a great job with your interpretation. I would have been stumped.

  5. Perfect! After reading your blog in conjunction with your photos, I, too, have an image of notes all congregating near the ceiling, roaming around up there during and after concerts. We both did quilts this time of memories of musical experiences we've had--I like that. And that ceiling is positively glowing--love your choice of fabrics. As you can see by the dates I started mine, I had a hard time feeling inspired, too, but now have a quilt that represents a musical memory for me. You do too.

  6. I saw your quilt on Flickr. After reading your post, I now can see and appreciate its abstractness. The photo of the cupula of the concert hall put it all in perspective. You did a great project.

  7. Great interpretation! I love the colours, the connection between the binding and the fading sounds is beautiful! And your backing is perfect!

  8. I love this little quilt. Sometimes the best ideas come from not knowing where to start. Such a beautiful idea of all those notes floating to the ceiling and swirling around up there. The backing fabric is really pretty too.

  9. Concert hall (and cathedral) ceilings often seem to provide much inspiration. I like the way this morphed into this abstract representation.

  10. Great job Suz. Sometimes the inspiration doesn't come willingly, you have to drag it out by its heels!

  11. That is very clever! And it turned out so well.

  12. When looking at your mini I didn't really think of music - but your explanation revealed it all :-) And I love what you made! The idea behind this mini is really awesome. Whenever I come back to Melbourne I will have to visit this Concert Hall :-) I also love how different the projects of your group members look and how they all differently approached the theme (I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say...?)

  13. Well done - a great result. No need to worry any more.

  14. This is a beautiful quilt. I love the mix of colours, piecing and stitching you've used for your interpretation of the music hall and I really like the thought of all those notes that have floated up :)

  15. I would never have the creativity to be part of this group, but I so love seeing the inspiration and then the completed project. Mark and I were just discussing last night how music plays such a huge part of our lives. I can't imagine my life without music (of all types) in it.

  16. What a wonderful thought to imagine musical notes floating upwards to that lovely ceiling. You may have had a hard time starting this one but it was worth the wait. Well done.


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