Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Love Affair continues.....

Yes, Denyse and the Farmer are back in my life!

It has been a "Whirlwind"  of a relationship.....

but it is officially Autumn here in Australia, so soon the "Maple Leaf" will start to 


While I was looking for my mojo recently I did take out all my FW blocks and 

decide on the fabric I wanted to buy to sash them. 

I only bought 20cm of this spotted fabric...

to see how it looked!

And I love it!

But when I went back today to buy three metres....

they didn't have it!!!!

This was the best I could do...

in fact the sales girl had cut the fabric before I realised it was WRONG!

I'm going to piece a few blocks and then decide!

This love affair has hit a serious cross roads....

Will there be a happy ending?

Happy sewing! 

(I hope!)



  1. I love your FW blocks Suz! And I LOVE polka dots, they look great with the fabrics. I'm in the middle of a Swoon with polka dots as the background fabric. I sure hope this story has a happy ending, as I can't wait to see the finished product. :o)

  2. I bet it will work out for the'll love the new fabric even better! :) Hope so! Your blocks look fantastic!

  3. I am betting on a happy ending! What is the fabric you are looking for? Who knows perhaps it is in our little shoppe in Ohio :) Love the Farmers Wife blocks!

  4. Good luck finding your spots. Nothing more frustrating than finding the right one then going back to find it gone!!

  5. Fingers crossed for a happy ending!! You know I love your FW blocks!!!

  6. How annoying. You will sort it, your blocks are all so lovely they deserve to be perfect xxx

  7. Your blocks look lovely and I am sure they will be lovely with the new fabric as well as the old. good luck

  8. Great blocks Susan and I am a romatic at heart so very much hoping for a happy ending. Take care.

  9. aw man what a pain! Love the original blocks you made but you will make more wonderful blocks no doubt with the new dots have you sourced them anywhere else?

  10. I have been pining for the FW blocks lately, time for me to get them out again. I think that a lovely spotted fabric will always be good for a quilt back or something, if you want to search for your most perfect one, which is great by the way.

  11. It is annoying when that happens. It's like you think great that's it. Then you order it and it's something completely different.

  12. I had to look twice for a difference. I'm with jamie-lee - usually these things have a habit of turning out for the better & I bet you'll start loving it more. Here's hoping :)

  13. There has to be a happy ending!!
    They all look fab and I ADORE the dots, so cute!
    I'm sure that fabric will look just as good :)

  14. Argh! Don't you hate it when that happens? You can always stash it and try again if you don't like it. One day it will come into it's own!

  15. This is such a cute post! I hope the lovebirds have a long and happy life.

  16. I am enjoying the saga and the visuals. The blocks are looking really nice. Now, what to do with the background fabric? Hmmm...

  17. Love the blocks you are making. Shame about the spot! Hope it has a happy ending.


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