Friday, July 30, 2021

Hooley Dooley!

 This quilt seemed to name itself......

While I was working on it, I thought of this fun 'play-on' 

words, and it stuck!

The backing was lurking in the back of the fabric cupboard

I spent some of my recent fourteen day quarantine 

making this quilt.

I think it took me three weeks from start to finish.

Today I was released from 14 days quarantine....

and with the promise of a sunny morning,

 I set off for a short drive to take some photos!

Boy, it felt good to be out!

The bush setting was perfect, I think!

And a little water....

As I was heading home, I saw a pretty children's 


and took a couple of photos there!

I love finding great backdrops, especially when I don't 

have an agreeable quilt holder around!

Quilt #8 for 2021

Quilt size 47" square

Lifetime Quilt #137

Happy days!



LintLady said...

Hello Suz,
this is a nice quilt. I like this "simple" and scrappy pattern.
Yes the foto shooting is well done with this locations.
Of corse I like the one with the water the best.
Stay well and have a happy weekend.
xx Doris :o)

karenbbsnow said...

Gorgeous quilt, and beautiful photos. Only 3 weeks, it would take me much longer!

Susan Smith said...

Well done & so glad you are out of your own quarantine lockdown. We do have a bit more freedom now, but I'm still very trepidacious(is that a word) about everything. I do like how you named it & the photo shoot is great. Where on earth is that wonderful playground? Ours round here are very simple, although we do have plenty dotted on the new estates. I've thought of them too for photos, but it's been super windy for trying to snap quilts lately. Take care & hugs.

helen said...

What a great scrap buster, hope you are doing ok feel for you guys on East Coast oF Australia battling yet another lock down.

KaHolly said...

I love it! I’ve been culling my fabric scraps and remnants, whipping up these blocks as I go, and it’s nice to see how wonderful they will look all sewn together….someday. You sure had a fun photo shoot!

Mego said...

My DH's name is Dooley and I showed him this he wants it. I'm off to dig in the scraps....

Karen S said...

Isn't this a great pattern that lets you use so many different fabrics. It really works well.
It is a great finish. I am pleased you took your quilt for a drive. Must have felt so good to be out!
Love the name!!!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I love how simple blocks can make such great quilts. The playground setting was a perfect place for the quilt. Happy you were able to get out.

Suz J said...

Oh wow Susan, this looks stunning out in natural light and in the bush setting. I really like the straight line quilting you have done here - sometimes it is a perfect match for the piecing.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

A delightful scrappy quilt, great photos too! So glad you had a wee focus while in quarantine, even so, 3 weeks from start to finish is impressive!

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