Friday, March 23, 2012

Bitty Pirate Blocks!

I have recently joined a new swap on Flick'r!

It's called the Bitty Block Committee!

There are themes each month which, if they appeal, you sign up for.

The blocks are all three and a half inches, and you make one for each person in 

your group!

Pirates was the first theme I opted for...

Little did I know how high the standard would be!

Look at this amazing pair of pirate art!

And this incredible detailed bitty block!

I'm going to make a cute mini for a little pirate friend!

Happy sewing!



  1. How the skull made me laugh it looks awesome!! Loving those pirate blocks!!

  2. Aarrrr blow me down! You had better get working on those treasures or you'll be keelhauled.

  3. Oh those pirate blocks are fantastic! What a great swap!

  4. So cute! My 4-year-old grandson is having a birthday party on Saturday--and the theme is pirates. Arrrr....

  5. The pirates are sooooo cute. We love pirates at our house....

  6. There are some clever wenches out there, to be sure. Will ye be making a hammock from em?

  7. Oh!!! I've seen groups like this before and always loved the idea. I adore tiny things! In fact I'm currently working on a mini made frm 3.5 in granny square blocks :D
    The pirates are soooooo cute!

  8. I've seen bits and pieces of this group popping up. Cute idea

  9. 3 1/2"??? Just love the little pirate guy! So sweet and happy!

  10. All those pirate miniatures are wonderful. Can't wait to see what you do with them.


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