Sunday, March 25, 2012

In a Pickle!

This "Circle of Geese" did have me in a pickle for a while...

Not sure what I will do with it, but at least I can cross it off my 'to-do' list!

But I got there in the end!

It has been too long since I did any serious Foundation Piecing....

Mariner's Compass #1

I have made a whole Mariner's Compass flimsy with nine of these blocks....

Mariner's Compass #2

It's still not quilted because I really have no idea how to quilt it!

Mariner's Compass #3
Anyway, where was I? 

Foundation piecing.... I love the accuracy of it!

And I love the Pickledish Pattern...

(and have long admired Mary @ Molly Flanders' lovely work!)

So yes, I've started another quilt!

(The FW quilt is finished, I'm just waiting for some outside weather shots!)

This one may only end up being a small one...

But I am loving it already!

And to add to my pickle.... I've been tagged!

Yes, you caught me Krista! (@ Krista Stitched)

Here are my answers....

1. Starch or no? Definitely no.

2. Prewashing or not? Mostly not, although with solid reds and black, yes!

3. Solids or prints? Mostly prints, but I am coming around to using solids more!

4. Dogs or Cats? That's an easy one...definitely dogs!

5. Big quilts or little ones? Mostly big!  But as I have so many, I think this will have to change!

6. Thrifting or buying new?  Fabric- new, but I love 'op-shopping' for treasures!

7. Wood floors or carpet?  'Cos we are 'renting' I have no choice!

8. Beer or wine?  Mostly wine except after a long day in the saddle (I'm a cyclist) then it's a big cold beer!

9. Staying in or Going out?  Mostly staying in!

10. One fabric line per quilt or mix/match?  Another easy one...mix and match!

11.  Watching TV or listening to Music? Definitely listening to the new Bruce Springsteen; hanging out for him to come to Australia.  Although if Kirstie and Phil are on, I'm watching!

I'm not sure if there is anyone left to play tag with...

If you'd like to play, let me know and I'll link to your questions/answers!

And I am too tired from this game of tag and my 50 km ride this morning....

I'm off to listen to Bruce!

Happy days!



  1. What gorgeous blocks! I really want to do some foundation pieced stars. And I LOVE that snoopy fabric!

  2. Your geese look fabulous.

    I'm dying to make a pickle dish quilt. i've been saving up fabric for it for ages, BUT I need to work on my BOM blocks and I need to work on the starflowers, and, and, and............

    Love Kirstie and Phil!

  3. You turn out amazing blocks faster than I can blink! Looks like you are making another good one.

  4. Oh your paper piecing is wonderful!
    Great answers - actually great questions too x

  5. Lol! I love your paper piecing blocks ... very well done!!! ... Also, great answers!

  6. Wonderful paper piecing Susan - how clever are you?

  7. Gorgeous blocks Susan, particularly the Pickle Dish and I will have to put it on a future To Do list. Looking forward to seeing the FW quilt in all its glory. Take care.

  8. I want to make a pickle dish quilt so much. I have loved it ever since I saw Mary's, too. Is it difficult?
    Thanks for not tagging me!

  9. Love those blocks Susan, they look stunning! 50KM/????? Jeepers nice one!

  10. I love pickle dish quilts and often consider making one. I can't wait to see yours, Mary's are beautiful. And I have not heard the Boss's new album, I will get it now - he has been a favourite of mine forever.

  11. Love the blocks! Can't wait to see what you make with them =D

  12. Fabulous paper piecing - just beautiful.

  13. Gorgeous! I love the rainbow flying geese and the paper piecing is just so clever. You have such patience!
    I have no idea who Kirstie and Phil are, must have missed that boat when we came here?

  14. Yay for Pickledish!!! You will love this quilt! I can't wait to see it. Love the circle of geese....I have not tried one yet. Paper Foundation piecing is so satisfying :)


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