Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Best Swap Ever!

I struck the jackpot when I joined up for the Mouthy Stitches Swap over on 


Susan, Hadley and Cindy were the amazing, organizing Mamas....

and Susan was my partner!

Look at this beautiful pouch!

With all my favourite things like bikes, Heather Ross fabric, embroidery, linen....

and not one, but 2, yes 2 Kombi vans!!!

And my name!

and great quilting!

Isn't it perfect?

And if that wasn't enough....

a fabulous needle book and pin cushion!

And a rainbow of scrappy strips....

all waiting to be turned into something wonderful!

Can you tell I love my 'treasure'?

And one last thing.....

It's not too late to vote for my little Christmas Mug Rug over @ Ellison Lane!

Modern Mini Challenge

To celebrate making the final of this fantastic contest, I'll be having a giveaway 


Happy days!



  1. Oh, wow! You lucky duck, that is such a perfect pouch! Not to mention all the extras - absolutely brilliant stuff!

    Congrats on the MM final - you deserve it!

  2. HAHA I'm positive that a few of the scraps in the needle book are ones I sent to Susan. How funny that they've now done a round trip back to Australia.

    Awesome awesome makes. Love :)

  3. Oh I'm so jealous, I wish my name was Susan and I could say that it was sent to you accidentally and it is mine!
    Hmm I thought there were to be no extras, Susan is a naughty girl, she needs a spanking.

  4. Oh wow how marvellous! Susan really does know how to put a good package together!

  5. Oh Susan! You are so lucky! I love all of it....good for you! Best of luck with the contest...I am headed over now :) Big Hugs!

  6. Tee hee, wasn't in on this at all, oh no no no!!
    PS. Stick a pin in that goldfish bag, and I'll be furious!

  7. Wow that looks amazing. You're soooooo lucky!!!! =D

  8. Lucky you. Susan is such a sweety and made you a lovely treasure for sure.

  9. That is a perfect pouch, and the scraps are lovely.

  10. What a fabulous rainbow of goodies!!!

  11. I love those warm/cool colours together, the pouch is fantastic. What a great swap!

  12. You're so lucky, what fabulous goodies. I voted for you of course, I loved the shape of your mug rug.

  13. Oh wow what a wonderful blog you have and im loving your swap....i shall become your newest

  14. So gorgeous!! She did an amazing job :)
    Hadley's comment made me laugh!!

  15. I'm just so relieved you like it! Thank you for being the perfect partner and giving great feedback in the design/making process. Hope you'll come back and do more swaps with us.

  16. What a lovely swap, it is always nice to receive something that a lot of thought has gone into.


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