Saturday, March 31, 2012

Presenting... "Sunnybrook Farm"

Time and the weather have conspired somewhat against me this week.....

But I really wanted to share my 'finish' for March!

(That's three quilts finished in three months!)

So inside photos will have to do...

My FW quilt, AKA "Sunnybrook Farm" is done!

I stippled all around each of the 48 blocks.....

quite Denysely densely, as is my method!

The back folded over to the front
This is the biggest quilt I've ever quilted myself...

57 " by 72 "

The binding is a pretty DS print...

which contrasts nicely with both the sunny back and the spotty front!

The blocks all stand out proudly from the background, which is the effect I was 


I think it let's all the blocks 'shine'!

And a view of the pieced back!

Can you tell why I have called it "Sunnybrook Farm"?

Apart from the obvious sunny backing, "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" was one

of my Mother's favourite films.

And this reminds me of my Mum!

She was a bit of a farm girl when she was young.

I know my Mum would have loved this quilt....

Well, that's not quite true.....

My Mum loved EVERYTHING I made!

Doesn't yours?

Happy Sewing!



  1. This is a wonderful finish!. I really like the way you have set the blocks and the background fabric works so well. Great colour choices.
    Love the backing, too.
    Great work with all the quilting, especially on this sized quilt.

  2. Just beautiful!! Congratulations on such a stunning finish!

  3. All the individual blocks are amazing! Love the quilting you've done. Congratulations on the finish!!! =D

  4. It;s fantastic Susan. The quilting really has made the blocks stand out, It's perfect.
    It almost makes me want to try making some FW blocks....almost!
    Congratulations on a fabulous finish.

  5. So, so beautiful! One of my favorite Farmer's Wives by far! : )

  6. It's wonderful! Thank you so much for showing it off! I love the way you quilted it and how lovely those blocks look popping forward as a result.

  7. completely gorgeous Suz!
    I love the bright bold DS prints against the dots.

  8. Wow! Beautiful quilt. The quilting is amazing as are your fabrics! Love it!

  9. A quilt that will always give you special memories... the best kind! I have watched many FW quilts being constructed and while interesting, I don't really enjoy the finished product - which can be a bit "messy" - however, I absolutely love your setting and quilting - and could actually imagine sewing one... one day... maybe? How's those pickles coming along?

  10. Truly truly truly gorgeous!!
    It's totally wonderful Mrs S!!

  11. It is just gorgeous - i just love it! You have done such a great job and the layout is great! Happy finish!

  12. Yep she did, and she still has every pottery piece ever made by me still around the house!

    A lovely sunny quilt, I love the yellow backing, very cheery indeed!

  13. It is just beautiful and I really love the way the blocks pop up and stand out! Such a happy, happy quilt. Way to go!

  14. I LOVE this quilt, you did an awesome job! And I love your fabrics!!! I'm totally in love with your quilt!!!

  15. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! Susan this is fabulous! The black polka dot fabric for the background is perfect! As is your stitching! I love the placement of the blocks and the sunny nature of this quilt. Just perfect in every way!!! Your mom would be soooo proud :)

  16. It's perfect! Such clever quilting, making the squares pop even more. I'm so much more aware of my quilting designs now that I have a few quilts under my belt and this one is great. Thoughtful quilting rocks! Have a great weekend, Suz! x

  17. Such a happy quilt and so beautifully made. The name is very appropriate and I just love yellow! Take care.

  18. It's such a happy and delightful quilt and the dotted background is lovely. Congratulations on your third finish this year. I am impressed.

  19. Glorious quilt and maybe just what I need to get me back to mine!

    One of my favourite FWs for sure and I love the name but then I have a daughter called Rebecca!

  20. your quilt is gorgeous! i never would have thought of that DS fabric for a binding, but i love it! i'm up to about 87 farmer's wife blocks so far. i wish i could pick out my sashing fabric...

  21. Congratualtions! I looooove your quilt. Such a phantastic colour choice. I would never have thought that the dots make such a nice background. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Germany

  22. This is one of my all time favorite quilts~ So pretty and yet interesting~ ♥♥♥

  23. I, too, rate this as one of my most favourite ever quilts! I love the dots for the background fabric. So charming and cheery! What a beauty! I'll bet your Mom IS ooing and awing over this quilt and all of your quilts, in fact, somewhere somehow.

  24. woo hoo! Pat yourself on the back! The quilt is everybit as fabulous as I thought that it would be, Susan. I especially like your dotty sashing fabric...adorable!

  25. Just popped over from Quilt Story and had to tell you how much I love how your Sunnybrook Farm quilt turned out! I love the 30's prints and combination of square and on point layout. This is one fabulous quilt. Great job!

  26. Oh I just love that story, yes our Mom's loved everything! Well, I also love it. GREAT, fabric choices, love the polka dots, and the quilting! Yes, I love how it makes your blocks pop out. I sure hope mine turns out half as pretty as yours. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Love it Susan!! I know why it didn't come up in the search, you don't actually mention Farmer's Wife in this post, just FW! Glad you found it for me though. It's beautiful. :) Did you have any trouble with the templates? I've heard it can be a bit tricky. Did you make all of the blocks in the book?


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