Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Retail Therapy!

There won't be much time for blogging or sewing in PatchworknPlay land 

this week....

My real job beckons as the first school terms comes to a screaming halt on 


So just so you know I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth I have 

prepared some posts.....

Today I'll share a couple of things I bought recently....

I got my hands on some Flea Market Fancy...

Isn't it pretty?

I'm not one to buy entire lines of fabric so was restrained in my purchase of two 

yards of Bouquet!

And I visited my favourite book store "Can Do" books to pick up my copy of....

Zakka Style!

I'm thinking I might join in the fun of the Sew Along over here!

Zakka Style Sew Along

And just so you know I haven't been slacking off in my spare time...

another of my "Jazz Hands" EPP blocks is coming together!

Roll on school holidays!!

Happy days!



  1. I have that book, maybe there will a project or to I also join in on. I hope the work is done quickly.

  2. I just love that Zakka Style book. I almost bought it while I was in the US but decided I didn't have any linen to do it justice and I have to draw the line somewhere :D
    The bouquet fabric is such pretty colours.

  3. Only four days to go and there will be a big smile on your face!

  4. Loving it all - especially the prospect of holidays!!!

  5. The book and fabric look great!! ... Have a great week ... try not to stress out too much!!! Hugs!

  6. Yay for the Easter break!
    I've been thinking of purchasing that book, what do you think?
    That's my favourite from FMF, I bought 4 yds! It looks great with the black and white spot.

  7. Oh, no, another book I must have!! It looks v. interesting. I admit, I'm not a FMF lover (I know, I know - just me in THAT lonely world!) but I am rather drawn to your choice. Great colour - maybe I need to rethink my loathing and just selectively pick...

    Enjoy the hols!!

  8. oooh lots of nice things to admire!

    And I was a bit annoyed with myself that I missed your giveaway. It was during the whole phone meltdown, crazy market prep week. But anyway... maybe next time ;)

  9. I love that fabric!!! The book looks great....I am sure there will be lots of fun projects. And of course your Jazz Hands is superb!!!! Hard to believe your first term is over. But wonderful to have a bit of a break to look forward to.

  10. Well, we know what you are doing over the school holidays then. Happy Zakka sewing!

  11. That zakka book looks like fun. I might have to pick that up!

  12. I haven't bought that book but I am looking forward to see what everyone makes.

  13. Love the fabric! Haven't bought the book, good luck if you join the sew-along =D

  14. Roll on the hols! Love your jazz hands blocks gorgeous!


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