Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Busy Weekend...

saw me do, among other things, a little sewing ....

My zipper pouch, for my secret partner, is complete!

I embroidered "K"'s initial on the back!

(BTW- I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog!)

Mr PnP and I also managed a visit to Bendigo in central Victoria to see a 

Hollywood photographic exhibition....

And no road trip is complete without a little fabric purchase!

The Grace Kelly exhibition is coming up soon, so I will certainly be returning to 

see that!

And finally I snuck in an hour this afternoon cutting out some more kites...

using some of my 'just purchased' fabric!

Happy days!



  1. Love K's pouch, and I know it will be received with real love xxx
    Oh I missed the Grace Kelly when it was at teh V&A - it was the same time as the Quilts, and the quilts won the day!

  2. The Bendigo Gallery has some great exhibitions, The Hollywood photos would have been wonderful and yes you have to go back to see the Grace Kelly exhibition. I wonder if its coming to Sydney? Nice fabric purchases, and great to see you using them straight away! Your zipper purse is so wonderful! I love the embroidered K!!

  3. gday Suz lol!!

    Your work is the embroidered monogram.

    Clare..the first official comment from your newest follower!!!

  4. Top of the mornin' Suz!!!! hahahaha!

    Your pouch is so sweet! I love the little ribbon on the zipper pull. And the embroidery is fantastic!

    I love Grace Kelly - she was so beautiful! And so glad you were able to do a little fabric shopping!!! Can't wait to see your next star :)

  5. And I was hoping it was for me, it is a lovely pouch!

  6. Your pouch is wonderful and I am sure it will be very well received. Sounds like an interesting exhibition - I absolutely love all the old Hollywood movies many of which I now have on DVD. Take care.

  7. Love "K's" pouch. Did I tell you my name is really Kiane?

  8. Hmmm the pouch definitely isn't for me either, sigh.

  9. The pouch is fab and that hand stitching is perfect!

  10. Love the pouch and the stitching is so cute!
    Those exhibitions look amazing, just my sort of thing. Have you been to see The Artist?

  11. Great to see a little bit of stitching sneaking in even though work has started. I think your zipper pouch is gorgeous.
    I have my eye on that exhibition, too. Should be good.

  12. I'm sure your partner will be thrilled with her zippy pouch!

  13. Man, those kites look tricky. Not sure I'd have the patience. Gorgeous pouch, I'm sure she will be thrilled with it!

  14. Your swap partner is very lucky what a lovely purse.

  15. Oh the pouch isn't for me then! Just found your blog and having a look around!


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