Sunday, February 12, 2012

Being Spoilt!

Would you like to see what I received for my birthday?

Yes, I'm bragging!

Firstly Mr PnP bought me this fantastic book....

about the history of quilt making in Australia!

And it even contains patterns-

that's a bonus!

And my cycling friends were wonderful too...

fabric from Pam,

They are definitely autumnal in tone!
and Christine!

And the prettiest pink nail polish from Jo.....

called "Pedal Faster Suzi" !!! 

Sorry about the blurry photo- one handed on an iphone is tricky!

How amazing is that!!

And this is what I had for breakfast this morning....

Vanilla infused rice with berries, mango and shaved toasted coconut!


I promise my next post will be a little more humble in tone


sewing related!

Happy days, indeed!



  1. I am fascinated with the history of our country. This book has taken and interesting perspective.
    Lovely fabrics!

  2. happy birthday- looks like you had a happy one! good for you!

  3. It looks like you has a perfect birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! I love all your gifts! I'm so happy I found your blog!

  5. Happy Birthday. Lots of lovely gifts there

  6. happy, happy birthday! Love the book...I will be over to sit with you and go through it!!! LOL!

  7. Happy Birthday. What wonderful presents and I am drooling over your breakfast. Hope you have had a lovely day.

  8. Happy Birthday Suz!! You have a wonderful collection of gifties there ... that nail polish couldn't be more perfect!!!

  9. I saw the exhibition based on that book when it came to Ipswich a couple of years ago. Absolutely fascinating. Lucky you.

  10. Yummy breakfast. Love the nail polish!

  11. Lucky birthday you - that nail varnish is brilliant!!!

  12. I loved this post!! I really must get that book one day.. That nail polish is unbelievable!! Very cool indeed!! I wonder if there's one called 'Sew more Rachael'? That breakfast dish looks delicious!! You deserve lots of spoiling Suz!!!

  13. This is a wonderful book Susan and one I really treasure as there is so much inspiration. I hope to get around to recreating one of the quilts one day. Happy belated birthday and it sounds like you had a wonderful day. Take care.

  14. really like the name on the fingernail polish

  15. Humility is not a birthday present! Great things to share.

  16. You deserved to be spoilt. Suck up all the goodness and enjoy it!

  17. I popped over from freshly pieced and I'm excited to check out your blog. You are a lucky girl to get so many goodies on your birthday! I'm going to have a look around and follow you for sure. Happy Birthday and I hope your having a wonderful day!

  18. Happy birthday, what brilliant pressies.

  19. oh gorgeous, all of it!! Happy belated birthday xx

  20. Happy Birthday, fellow Aquarian! My birthday was on the 9th.

    Freaking AWESOME that nail polish! How I laughed when I saw that. PERFECT!

    I'm glad you had a fab birthday!


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