Monday, February 13, 2012

I promised...

some sewing!

Birthday celebrations are over for another year,

(Thank you for all your birthday wishes!)

So it's back to the important business of sewing.....

I had a great time playing with the layout of my last star for my 

"Stars in Your Eyes" quilt...

Would I do this...

or this?

Why didn't I think of trying this arrangement out for all of them?

Maybe not?

So all twelve are made...

and the two 'half' stars!

A word of warning, if you are making this quilt!



is NOT! 

(The one in the drawing has 3 full points!  The pattern requires two full and two 

half points! )

And making a whole star and cutting it in half will not work!

Luckily I have enough patchwork experience to know about 1/4" seam 


I also spent a very pleasant hour at my LQS auditioning fabric 

for the background ......

and backing fabric for my FLQS mini!

So a marathon cutting session of 42 diamonds awaits!

Happy sewing!



  1. I love all your fabulous fabric choices!! That star quilt is really going to be fun!!!

  2. I cannot wait to see the stars being pieced together. It is going to be a brilliant quilt!

  3. Love that top fabric in the last photo. All your stars are fabulous. It's going to be a beautiful quilt when you are finished.

  4. Can't wait for the grand finale - looking wonderful x

  5. Can't wait to see this finished. I hate it when patterns aren't right, I am not as experienced as you and I sit for hours trying to work out what I have done wrong...... only to find it is usually the pattern that is wrong. x

  6. Love, love your newest star! Great inspiration!

  7. Booo.....a fallen star! I hope you can put that skinny star to good use. Thanks for the tip {warning}!!! I love the bright bright of your stars!!! And the background choice looks perfect. I have seen that bird on a wire is wonderful!

  8. Stars! Lots of bright colors! Some of my favorite things!
    I think I would need a bit of handholding to accomplish these. Inspirational. Deb.

  9. All the fabrics are looking so nice together. I'll call on you when I g=have trouble putting something like this together.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Hi Suz,
    I love the colours you've used for these stars, very vibrant.
    I should point out thought, that the pattern is not wrong. I've actually made this quilt and had no issues whatsoever.
    Diagram 5 refers to the half stars which are pieced together to form the full stars. A quick look at the finished photo or the assembly diagram of the quilt clearly shows that the half stars are different.
    Hope you enjoy the finished product as much as I have!

  12. Belnda, I didn't say the pattern was wrong. It is just confusing! I wanted to warn others that the picture of a half star is not the star you make for the fill-in space nor can you make a full one and cut it in half This will yield two half stars with no seam allowance. Instruction 4 warns of this!

  13. Hi Suz,
    My apologies, your wording certainly gives the impression that the pattern is wrong.
    But Instruction 4 refers to the six points and four ccorners of the quilt, not the half stars.
    In any case,keep sewing.

  14. Love your stars. Not all patterns are easy to read so your warning is great. Makes others read carefully. I see Belinda just HAD to have the last word LOL.


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