Sunday, February 26, 2012

Playing Catch Up...

one stitch and one project at a time!

Thank you to everyone who made encouraging comments about my lost mojo!

 I am pleased to say that my Fab Little Quilt Swap quilt is finished!

The back

I love it but I have never been more unsure about something I have made for a 



Will my partner loathe the colours?

Will she be disappointed in the simple design?

Does it need more quilting?

So I started playing around with another idea....

which may or may not become my second option!

We'll see what reaction I get on Flick'r!

The stained glass look!
I think I will do some quilting on this and see how it goes?
I'd love to hear your thoughts too! 

Happy sewing!



  1. I love both but if I had to choose I think I'd go with the first one :o)

  2. I like what you have done with the first one and wouldn't change a thing!

  3. The first one is really special!! Beautiful pattern and the colours are sophisticated, not just relying on bright. The hand stiching adds a whole new level of special. Your second quilt is looking good too! I wonder what feedback you'll get on Flckr..

  4. It's fabulous.... always hard knowing for sure if swappies will like what they get but mostly people love them and appreciate the work involved...

  5. You have to be joking! Not love it!? It's beautiful and I wouldn't call that a simple design either. I absolutely love your first one. Hugs

  6. I love them both, so I am absolutely no help!

  7. They are both gorgeous Suz!! ... If I HAD to pick one, I think I'd go for the first, thought I think that's because those blocks scare me, lol! The muddier colours also speak more to me than the brights ... but then, only just!!! LOL! ... Once again, Suz, they are both GORGEOUS!!!

  8. I love the first quilt, I pick it for sure. That is not to say that the little blue one is not also wonderful. Truly this swap has made us all nervous, I was about to make a second quilt this weekend for my partner but my swap mama gave me some great assurances on the first.

  9. I'm about to paint my living room in the colours of the first one so GIMME!! Although the second is smashing, too. But the first one rocks!

  10. Hey you're back on my blogroll whoot!!

    I love it! I was totally unsure of the quilt I sent Mary, and she loved it. I think when you work on something for a while you lose sight of it's specialness.

    I am sure she will love it!!


  11. Well how can someone NOT like that that is amazing and the stitching and the accuracy! My hat off to you! Fi

  12. Why do we do this to ourselves? They're BOTH beautiful and anyone would flip to have such a lovely gift!

  13. I love both! The first is so special with the very neutral colors....very sophisticated! The second is reminds me of Anthropology! Love it!

  14. honestly, the piecing on the first one is beautiful but the colors are a little muddled for me. I love the blue, especially your shot of the back, looks like stained glass. Good luck. No matter what, your work is lovely

  15. I think the first one is amazing. Don't second guess yourself. The blue one is fabulous too.

  16. The first one is gorgeous - the soft colour suit well the design! It looks soo pretty on my wall - you did the right thing, Suz!! Thank you so much for this!! I know how hard it is to make something you´re not quiete sure of ... :) but I love it!!!!!!


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