Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIPS- 1st February, 2012

Progress has been made...

On my zippy pouch...

Just deciding whether I will do more hand stitching along the zip and on the 


with maybe something sewing related?

And progress on my mini quilt....

Thank you to all the positive encouragement I have had with this project!

I feel much more confident about finishing this now!

And two more Stars!

....with only one full one to make!

And one half of my second "Jazz Hands" EPP block....

As it has been completed well ahead of schedule

(I am aiming to complete one each month of the year!)

I intend to return to my FW blocks and Bricolage hand quilting for a while.....

Linking up with Lee @ Freshly Pieced!

Now I am back at work I expect progress will slow down some!

Happy sewing- when I can!



  1. I like that mini quilt a lot. I love string quilts of any sort. I also like all of your scrappy stars and english Paper pieced stars. Very beautiful.

  2. Suz, you have so many awesome projects on the go!

  3. Yes Suz, amazing projects all looking great.

  4. You're making some beautiful things. I love jazz hands!

  5. It all looks so wonderful - you have a very lucky swap partner xxx

  6. Everything looks wonderful, but I think the mini quilt is especially striking!

  7. ooh lovely lovely!!
    Are they embroidery transfers?
    Still your favourite non follower!

  8. Oh that mini-quilt is exquisite!

    And I think that some more handstitching along the zip would look stunning. The current stitching around the front design is so neat and so effective!

  9. Your mini quilt is fabulous! Really Susan - I can't tell you how much I love it!!! The pouch is so sweet with the bright colors and the linen. And, Oh, those stars!!! You have some fantastic MAKES :)

  10. Gosh! Both that mini quilt and those kaleidoscope stars are gorgeous! I definitely look forward to seeing how they develop!

  11. lovely projects Suz... I love them all...

  12. All are fantastic...but I love the completely different.

  13. Oh my goodness, you'd better slow down, you're making me dizzy! love the string blocks tot, they look so amazing in solids. Not sure I've seen that done before, very striking!

  14. All utterly gorgeous and you've been so busy!! I LOVE those embroidery designs - how cute are those buttons?! Where is that from? You totally should put something on the pouch :)

  15. i like how your stars are turning out. keep on with the solid project- its going to look awesome.

  16. You are working on so many lovely projects. I do love your stars and your EPP. Shame work need to get in the way.

  17. It is all wonderful, I love the EPP and I hope you added more stitching to the zip, it is lovely.

  18. I've just shouted patchwork n play at the breakfast table!!
    You seem to have appeared in my blog feed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray.

    Thanks for the warm wishes, its v. cold here today!!

  19. Love the Jazz Hands! So fun to find you via WiP!


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