Friday, September 2, 2011

When was the last time.... did something for the first time!

(It's a great saying isn't it?)

I am indeed a long time jumping on the hexagon bandwagon!

I have previously done some English Paper Piecing....

My Pies and Tarts quilt...

(which is next in line to be quilted!)

Now I've started spending some times in the evening with these little beauties...

I do have a plan for them....

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Happy days!



  1. I love LOVE english paper piecing. I have fallen in love because of my pie and tart quilt. How big did you make yours? How do you plan to quilt it?

  2. Because I am new to quilting I am doing a lot of first times! My latest is my first QAL. I keep looking at hexagons .... it's just the thought of cutting all those, if I had a GO baby well that would be different!! Hugs xx

  3. At the moment, most days!!
    Hexies are looking great!

  4. My recent first was using a fabric glue pen to hold some appliqué in place. Id stayed away from glues and sprays but I'd use it again. People use glue for paper piecing too but i really enjoy the basting part of the process. Your hexis are fun! Polka dots!! What size are they?

  5. I really really love EPP, I only started a few months ago, but I'm hooked.
    My most recent new thing was paper piecing and seeing as how I cried when making my first block I'm not exactly wanting to do it again in a hurry.

  6. Yay!!! I am jumping up and down! Isn't it so much fun to see those little hexagons become a precious flower :)My last first was trying Sushi....I am kind of picky about my food. Wasn't sure I wanted to try it, but my girls love it so convinced me I should try....I love it!!!

  7. I'm working on a Pies and Tarts quilt, too! your pic encourages me to keep going on it. Nice hexies!

  8. I love doing new things all the time. My latest sewing first was trying some paper piecing on a little project. I like to look at everybody's hexies but don't like the hand sewing much for myself.

  9. Your little star hexagons are deadly cute!

    As you know, I've been doing LOTS of new to me things lately and I have so much appreciated your encouragement and suggestions. You've been so helpful!

    This weekend I'll be doing a first --- hand quilting on my lap (no frame) using perle cotton threads. Yikes!

  10. Those are great hexagons and your paper piecing is wonderful! I am still finding a lot new in quilting. I have only done paper piecing for a few months, and I have only made a few hexagons. I still find the whole design process pretty new and free motion quilting is pretty new still too - but it is all so fun I try not to notice the newness much.


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