Friday, September 16, 2011

Playing Favourites

Welcome to our linky fabric party!

Mary @ Molly Flanders and I are celebrating all our favourite fabrics!

You know, those ones you hoard and covet and stash for very special projects!

So, let's party!

My first piece is......

Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom fame!

I've only ever had a fat eighth of this,

And it has always been used sparingly!

This fabric I know nothing about.....

Just that it has an owl in there somewhere?

This piece is awaiting a special project.

And many of my regular followers will be familiar with my love of all things French!

So Michael Miller's "Eiffel Tower" is definitely a favourite...


And this piece is severely mutilated through extensive 'fussy cutting"!

and I have a whole metre of...

"Paris Tea" by Holly Holderman for Lake House Dry Goods,

with my scissors waiting in anticipation!

Finally, this...

A William Morris print by Fabric Freedom.

Again, just a little piece stashed away waiting to loved some more!

Now it's your turn to share!

Mary and I are looking forward to seeing your 'best bits'

( I hope the linky works - its a first for me and the timing may be out a little!)



  1. that paris tea print is very pretty!

    the owl print just might be by tula pink. that's her signature look--hiding animals and whimsical things in her fabrics.

  2. Oh your selection is lovely!
    Although I do love some of the fabrics I have, I always love other people's more!

  3. Gorgeous fabrics. I agree with Randi, that second piece is by Tula Pink

  4. Lovely choices and a great idea! Might have to dive in and sort my own favs out!

  5. this is so much fun! Suz, I have those yellow Eiffel towers if you "need" some more!!

  6. Lovely fabrics... I wondered how many people could keepto just one favourite???? Is there such a thing... yours are lovely....

  7. Hi Suz,
    I'm fashionably late to your party but Mr Linky let me. I love your favourites. The Owl is definitely Tula pink, I think the Hushabye collection? but I'm not actually sure now if your blue toile is Nuala? It's so pretty but it looks a bit different. I wonder if anyone knows what it could be?

  8. I too am a little late in joining up but I made it all the same. You have some lovely favourites! I particularly like the 'Paris tea' print. I could see that being used a lot in my stash. Thanks for setting up this link party!

  9. What a great idea! It is sooo much fun seeing that I am not alone in my zaniness for fabric! Your choices are wonderfully unique!!!


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