Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I really like that word!

It's French and means "creation from a diverse range of available things".

And I really like this quilt....

Yes, the Modern Sampler is finished!

Well, at least the top is!

It was indeed a creation from a diverse range of available 


Some foundation piecing...

The block in the centre was foundation pieced.

blocks set on point....

The top right hand block is now "on point".

fussy cutting....

and HSTs.....

and as it has my favourite Michael Miller Eiffel Tower fabric in at least 3 of the 


I think that's what I'll call it!


And a quick question- do you think it needs a border?

(It currently measures 50 inches square.)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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Happy sewing!



  1. Yay Suz!! Its awesome!! And what a perfect name!! I'm not always a border person but I think your blocks would be framed nicely if you did have one.

  2. It's stunning, and a great name - I approve ;)
    What are you binding it with? That may determine if you need a border to tie it together, or not x

  3. It looks lovely! i would probably do a border...

  4. This is lovely and I love the eiffel tour fabric. I have some too. I think it need a border! I like usable quilts and at 50" it's a little small for cuddling. But any way you finish it, it is stunning! Looks like a lot of work.

  5. Wowza Suz! It is fantastic! I love everything about is such a well thought out quilt. Even though I know you planned it as you went looks so cohesive. I do think a border would frame it all nicely! Fantastic :)

  6. Oh Suz, it's so beautiful. I love everything about it. I'd add a border but I think it would be great without too.

  7. Hi, as you may have guessed your titled jumped out at me LOL..... It means DIY shop too, we have a Mr Bricolage and a Bricomache and others....we know them well :). Love your quilt, I have just finished my first sampler quilt, they seem to be popular at the moment, I loved making mine so much so I want to do another one!! Your block in the centre is fabulous. Linda

  8. Lovely! Yes, give it a border!!! A small white one and a bigger blue/greeny one :)

  9. I'm not a huge border fan either, but I think a border would really frame your beautiful blocks. They are stunning and I love your fabric choices.

  10. Hi! That is really beautiful and unique! Lovely colours and every block is so great! For my opinion it needs binding or border - maybe some of the fabrics you have used to make a frame. If you don't like binding you can make a frame around with one fabric and then just sew it together with the back fabric.
    xxx Teje

  11. All the blocks look fabulous. I think the border depends on what you want to do with it. If it is to go on a bed I think bed quilts need a border or two but if it for display the blocks by themselves look like a finished painting.

  12. Love the colours in your sampler quilt. I learnt to quilt with a sampler and I love knowing that "do" all those techniques(although there are a few that I wouldn't attempt again...yes needleturn I'm talking about you!).

  13. Ooh this is very pretty! What a great job you've done on these blocks.

  14. Beautiful! Love the colors. I think a border would be nice, but hey, I generally like borders...

  15. Absolutely stunning Suz and I absolutely love the colour selection and you have balanced the blocks so skilfully. I am very much a borders person and nearly always add one but a quilt is personal and your own taste is what is right for the quilt. Take care.

  16. Gorgeous! Love the color combo! I don't know, maybe a thin white border and then bind it out in the teal or green? Just to kind of frame it out.

  17. I think I would add a small border if it were my quilt. When the binding is added to the edges it might be wider than the seam allowance of a border and could cut off the points of your flying geese blocks on the sides. Make sense? Gorgeous quilt! Love all the colors.

  18. I love those blocks! I also love the flying geese accents. Great way to make a variety of block sizes to fit in one quilt.

  19. lovely! excellent work! i would add a border, just to make sure your binding doesn't cover your lovely work!

  20. It's gorgeous! I just love those flying geese around the two corners. Nice job.

  21. It's wonderful and I would love it with a border

  22. I recently set together a sampler in the very same color range (I'm calling it the Swimming Pool Sampler because of the colors). I added a wide white border and it really sets it off nicely keeping your eyes focused on the center of the quilt. Just an idea.

  23. This is such a lovely quilt. I love the colours too. Definitely a great sampler quilt. I love the way you make all of them the same size with additional little borders around the block whether its the geese, triangle or the plain one.. They look fun and modern.
    The name is pretty too. Great Job.


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