Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quilter's ADHD

I have flittered from one project to another this week....

But that is nothing new, is it?

It has been cold and wet, so perfect knitting weather....

And some of my rainbow charms have been transformed into this....

 I have pieced the backing for "My Favourite Things" embroidered 

blocks quilt....

The centre block needed to be included, it just didn't play nicely with the front!

It is basted and ready to be hand quilted with some of my Aurifil thread.

Does anyone hand baste their quilts anymore?

And just because I have nothing else to do,

I have joined the Scrappy Swap over on Flickr

My 'inspiration' Mosaic!
I can feel this 'disorder' will persist!

Happy days!



  1. You are entitled to flit all over the place, especially with some time off. The weather certainly has encouraged indoor activities the last few days. All projects are looking lovely!

  2. Flitting doesn't matter as long as you feel you are getting something done and it seems like you are getting lots done.
    Love the colour of the knitting :)

  3. Thanks! Now you've really put me to shame, lol.
    I'm glad someone is being productive. You have been busy. No I don't hand baste my quilts, but I have thought about doing it lately.

  4. Wow! Being on break certainly agrees with you! You have been busy! I love the knitting and the color is fantastic. I can't wait to see your quilts all quilted! The bit of embroidery up close looks so sweet :) No, I do not hand baste anymore. It used to make me nearly ill to lean over a quilt and baste by I am happy to pin baste. I know, a big baby, right??? Love your swap inspiration :) Now, why don't you go get busy....LOL!!!

  5. Oh it seems like an OK disorder to have!

  6. I have it to! Is there a cure?

  7. What gorgeous colours - lovely. Sometimes it's hard to stay with just one project but you have to enjoy yourself!

  8. Looks like a week of fun times to me--sort of a series of sewing snacks.


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