Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pins or Pegs?

Dryer or Washing Line?

Am I speaking a foreign language?

I'm talking laundry.....

Do you hang your washing outside...

Or do you use a dryer?

Do you use clothes pins or pegs?

If you hang your washing on the line and use pegs you might like this....

A peg bag!

My Mum made peg bags....

Because she didn't like seeing pegs left on the washing line!

Sorry- iPhoto would not let me turn this around!!

So the pegs lived in here til washing day!

I saw a clothes 'pin' pattern that I liked here....

And tweaked it to suit my own purposes.

My sister is moving into a new place so I thought she might appreciate one of 


Do you use an apron?

Happy days!



  1. What a cute bag! I use a dryer - although I have thought of using a line. I don't think lines are allowed in our neighborhood :( Growing up we had a line...actually it was sort of umbrella shaped. My mom had a similar bag but I think it had a wire through it {like a hanger} to hang it from the line while pinning. Your sister will love it!!

  2. Thats a very cute pin bag apron.... I do like to hang out my washing and use pegs... my line is under the veranda so I don't even need to dash out if the rain comes... and I hate my pegs left on the line.. I have a funny old basket ...

  3. I definitely like to hang my washing on the line and don't even own a clothes dryer. I also agree with your Mum and never leave my clothes pegs on the line so I think your clothes peg bag is a wonderful idea and what a great gift. Take care.

  4. Oh my - aprons and pegs in the same post - you are talking my language!!!

    Aprons are cool (I bought some of that fabric last week, and eagerly awaiting its arrival!!).

    Matching pegs, NEVER left on the line, but heading towards tumbler-time now it is Autumn x

    Lucky Sis!

  5. A peg bag is on my list of things to make! The last one i made has been used to death. I definitely don't leave pegs on the line because they get brittle snd break or dirty and leave marks. I wear aprons at work ( but not much longer :-) ). I do have some pretty vintage aprons hanging in my kitchen just because they're pretty.

  6. Oh, I love your peg bag! Really cool fabric! Your sister will love it!!

  7. I love your peg bag and I think will have to make one of them. I hang my clothes on a line with pegs, but my line is under cover which I love as the clothes seem to last longer and I can leave them out all day and night if I get lazy or busy and if it is raining I don't have to do a mad dash to collect them. I do leave the pegs on the line and they do break, so making a peg bag is definitely on the list of things to make.

  8. I love the peg bag, really cute fabric. Your sister is going to love it.
    I use the line as much as possible, although I have to use the dryer when it's very humid here. I never leave my pegs on the line, I have a bright colored tin I put the pegs in.

  9. That is such a cute peg bag!!!
    We have both - a dryer and the line. For so long we had a rope slung between three trees as our line!! It wasn't until about 5yrs ago that we got a 'proper' washing line, close to the house ... the dryer was purchased about 3 years ago. As we generally have a VERY wet wet-season up here in Darwin for about 5 months of the year our dryer gets a good workout during those months. The rest of the year we do try to use the natural God-given dryer (the sun), but it doesn't often happen as it seems so much easier - and quicker! - to use the dryer.
    Our pegs, sad to say, are outside in a very sick looking peg basket ... I think I need to make one of these, if only to encourage us to use the line more often during the dry!!!

  10. That certainly brought back a few old memories. I haven't seen one for years. Yours looks rather cute!

  11. I think there's something very satisfying about getting your clothes line dried! I try to get mine out before the work/school run coz it needs the whole day to dry at this time of year. But living in Scotland a tumbler is a necessity, too. My pegs are in a plastic hanging basket - yours is WAY cuter! What a genius idea making it a pinnie!

  12. That's so cute! I adore the fabric!


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