Monday, September 26, 2011

The Farmer's in the Dell

..the Farmer's in the Dell!
Hi, Ho the Derry-o
the Farmer's in the Dell!

(Oh sorry, I forgot myself there for a minute!)

My relationship with the Farmer's Wife has begun.

Her name (the Farmer's Wife) is Denyse!

Denyse gave her husband a bow tie...


And the Farmer gave Denyse .....

a flower basket!

I am not sure how long this relationship will last?

It is only early days!

The Farmer takes a Wife,
The Farmer takes a Wife,
Hi, ho the Derry-o
The Farmer takes a Wife!

Happy Sewing!



  1. Ahaaa - I see you got caught in the farmer's wife web - i hear she can be a seductive little minx drawing in unsuspecting quilters into her web of blocks - I keep watching more and more quilters start making her patterns and I am loving it - not yet convinced to join in myslef but loving seeing what everyone else is doing. happy stitching!

  2. Hi Suz, a really cute post. Glad you are joining in the FWQAL too.

  3. cute post. So Denyse, huh? Maybe that was my problem with the Farmer's wife...I never knew her name. The blocks look good.

  4. I'm so busting to do the farmers wife quilt!! But I have to finish all my other projects first. I'm being strict with myself! Your blocks are fabulous and presented in such a sweet story!!

  5. I'm looking forward to the rest of what your Farmer and his Wife are going make for each other - I hope it doesn't deteriorate into the 12 days of Christmas!!

  6. LOL! The Wiggles! Your blocks look fabulous! I love the fabrics you chose....looks like this relationship could very possibly have a future!

  7. Lovely blocks! I really like the flower basket and all those fabrics are yummy!

  8. Great post and lovely blocks. I can't decide between the Farmers Wife or Dear Jane for next year so I will be following your post with much interest. Take care.

  9. I doubt you'll get out alive - this Farmer's Web thing looks addictive!

  10. I love your choice of fabrics the blocks look fab. I'm staying well away from the farmers wife.

  11. Oh, hopefully, you will be singing happily after every block you make, Suz! The Wiggles....what a love/hate relationship I have with them!


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