Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not Much To Show...

...on WIPS Wednesday!

After finishing "A Dog's Breakfast" the motivation to start something new hasn't 

hit yet!

So I have worked some more on this....

Twist and Shout is nearly quilted!

And this....

A pillow is taking shape!

Don't forget to pop back at the end of the week to share your best bits!
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Happy sewing!



  1. Twist and Shout is looking good and wow your pillow is going to be gorgeous.

  2. loving twist and shout and also loving the look of that pillow - you can't go wrong with red and white

  3. Wow, youre a quilting machine! You've nearly finished Twist and Shout!! Your cushion is so pretty!!

  4. Wow I love the quilting on Twist and Shout, you have done lots on that. The new pillow looks really pretty, love the red ric rac.

  5. Love your hand quilting! Just gorgeous!

  6. Looking good Suz! Both pieces are amazing already - and they're not even finished, lol!! I can't wait to see your finished creations!!

  7. That hand-quilting is just to die for. And the pillow is looking very nice too! I wish I lacked motivation to start something new - that seems to be ALL I want to do! LOL. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

  8. Those polka dots really pop! I love red and white fabrics

  9. The Twist and Shout quilting is looking great and I can't wait to see how that pillow turns out, it is looking wonderful!

  10. Oh my goodness Suz! I love the Twist and is very special! And the pillow looks so sweet- can't wait to see more :) You have been a busy girl!


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