Sunday, October 2, 2011

Everything old...

is new again!

I went 'thrift' shopping 

(or 'op shopping' as we say downunder) the other day....

and found this!

"A Quilter's Companion" from 1973, for $4.00!

The Queen of May block was one block that I was attracted to.

It is based on a central hexagon. 

Then, today I was reading this...

And saw this!

A very close variation!

So I decided to have a go using the rather wonky drawings in the

Quilter's Companion.

This is what I have achieved so far....

I am loving everything about this block....

and it was really fun to make, so far!

Yes indeed, everything old is new again!

Happy Sewing!



  1. Suz, I love the way you get into these interesting projects... always fun to watch you create...

  2. My heart stopped for a second because I thought you found the quilt on the cover!!!!!
    Lovely block and fabric choices and no wonkiness in sight.

  3. Love finding these old treasures. We have a book fair twice a year here and I love to go on the first day (when it opens) to go to the craft tables and find old books and mags.

    Love your block. Gorgeous colours and so precise. Enjoy your long weekend x

  4. Love the block, it reminds me I really need to work on the hand sewn blocks for the BOM.
    Isn't it great when you find an old book or magazine that inspires you.

  5. Great finds!!! It's funny how the Universe conspires to inspire. Queen of May blocks are so fun to make!!! I used to carry them around as a hand sewing project to do when I had moments to spare. I love the colours and fabrics you're using.

  6. Ooooh! So glad I found your blog. I've not seen this particular quilt block before but it is really quite striking. I may use it for my next piece. I will refer to your post if I do!

  7. Oh your version is lovely! Old blocks in modern fabrics look so cool x

  8. well, I tried to leave a comment before but Blogger ate it....I know you are shocked!! hee hee Anyway, I love your block - the colors are fabulous!!! Are you English Paper Piecing it? Fantastic Suz...congrats on the great find!!!

  9. Love this block, did you EPP it or use templates?


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