Sunday, May 15, 2011

On the home stretch!

Where do the weeks go?

Not sewing, that's for sure!

I did manage to get another block completed, this week, for my Modern 


This one is foundation pieced.

I always draw my own patterns, mainly because I don't have ready access to a printer...

I have, in the past, used interfacing, but it is horrendous to tear away at the end!

So I used some paper from here...

a try!

And I was really happy with the result.

It tore away from the fabric very easily!

And this is what I made...

I wanted to be more daring with my fabric choice for the background, 

purposefully steering away from white!

You know what this means don't you....

I'm on the home stretch......

with only have one block to make!


Happy days!



  1. Oh I love them all!!! Well done for persevering!

  2. That block is brilliant! I love the daring background! Only one to go..woohoo!!

  3. This block is fabulous and all of them together are going to make a gorgeous quilt! Can't wait to see it completed

  4. Is that the kind of pulpy looking paper, off white-ish? That would tear really well, never thought of using that. And you can buy those scrapbooks fairly cheaply too - great idea Suz!

  5. LOVE the polka dot background! The blocks look wonderful glad you decided to add the extra ones! I love it, Suz! It will be a great sampler!

  6. Then we can have a 'finished' party - hooray!!! I like the new block fits well with the others.

    Hugs - Marie

  7. Nice...what size are the blocks? Can't wait to see it finished.

  8. Beautiful! This is going to be a very wonderful quilt. Love the colors.

  9. So pretty. I have yet to try paper piecing (oh the list is getting longer and longer) but yours looks wonderful. :)

  10. What beautiful blocks! Great job! : )

  11. The polka dot background looks fabulous. All the blocks are great together. I can't wait to see it finished.

  12. That is such a wonderful block. The whole quilt is spectacular.


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