Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Treasure...Melbourne in Autumn

I love Melbourne in Autumn...

In fact I love Melbourne's weather no matter what the season...

Even if we are renowned for having four in the one day!

Our summer was a little disappointing, with hardly a day over 30 degrees 


But we have had some amazing Autumn days....

Cool, crisp mornings and glorious sunny afternoons!

And deciduous trees turning fabulous colours...

And this is my personal quilted homage to Autumn...

I made this quilt back in 2005 by combining a number of patterns from 

Australian quilting magazines.

(I even have some fabric scraps lurking in my stash!)

It is hand quilted and approximately 70 inches square!

Linking to Melodies Tuesday Treasures today..

Happy sewing!



  1. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp days and the beautiful colors. Thank you for bringing a bit of autumn into my rainy spring day. I love the quilt! Perfect for an autumn day.

  2. Your weather must be similar to Ohio's...we hardly know what the forecast will be from one day to the next. A lovely Autumn quilt!

  3. Your Autumn quilt is delightful and I agree Autumn is a fabulous time of year in Melbourne. Thank you so much for being part of Treasures today.

  4. I'm with you Suz, love Melb in the Autumn. We live in Korumburra now and it is lovely too just a wee tad cooler.
    Your quilt is beautiful.

  5. Beautiful photos Suz and lovely quilt. We don't get your lovely colour change in foliage up north.

  6. I love your quilt. The stitched leaf is great. Autumn weather is definitely the best :)

  7. I love Autumn too!! We're getting beautiful colours up in the mountains. Your Autumn quilt is beautiful!!

  8. Beautiful autumn quilt , lovely colors and I enjoyed seeing the colors of your foliage for autumn.

  9. I miss autum colour since I moved to Sydney, it's just not cold enough for it but we do get a lot of change in the day too. Your quilt looks wonderful and I'm glad you mentioned the size, it doesn't look like a big quilt in the photo.

  10. I love Autumn, I love winter and spring too. Not summer so much. Melbourne sounds like it was lovely this year. We had several days over 40 here in Newcastle with one day as high as 47 and another 46 and several over 40 - YUCK!
    Your Autumn tress are beautiful.

  11. The only thing nicer than your fussy-cut style borders is your hand quilting. Beautiful!

  12. Hi Suz,
    Heard on BBC News yesterday that Melbourne has just had its wettest April in 10 years. If the Brits are commenting on rain, you know it's got to be bad! Wishing you a mild winter!

  13. I love your autumn quilt, beautiful combination of fabrics in the log cabin blocks.
    We had a rubbish summer too here, only one or two days in the mid 30s and so much rain. Unfortunately not very many autumn leaves here, but at least I saw some when I went to S.A. recently.

  14. what a fantastic quilt! I especially love that hand quilting!


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