Monday, May 30, 2011

A Vacation from Blogland!

Warning! This is a picture-less post....

I am feeling a bit ambivalent about my upcoming holiday!

I have been working my nose to the grindstone to get to the finish line... 

And its almost time to call the cab!

But boy!

Am I going to miss all my blogging friends!

I am certainly going to try to keep blogging....

It might just be more about 'play' than 'patchwork'!

Is that okay?

Would you rather see photos of..

San Sebastian or stitching?

Liberty of London or Suz at Spotlight?

Lavender in Provence or rain in Melbourne?

Okay, I'll see what I can manage!

Catch ya soon!



  1. Bon voyage! Safe travels and hopefully we will get to catch up in France. x x

  2. Have a wonderful time....

  3. You are kidding? Although I will be insanely jealous, I would love to see photos of you travels.
    Have a wonderful holiday.

  4. Have an absolutely wonderful time!!

  5. I love it when my blog friends share their holiday photos. Can't wait. I started my blog to share holiday photos with my kids and it has evolved into what it is today...

  6. Yay - welcome to my neck of the woods! Have a wonderful trip x


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