Saturday, May 7, 2011

77 % THERE!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on my Modern 

Sampler Quilt options!

You are all SO right!

I need more blocks!

So it will be at least nine blocks...

And I made another decision...

My Modern Sampler will include a variety of blocks made from Half Square 


So today's block is a 4 X 4, with the final size being 12"

I love pinwheels and stars so this seemed to be a great way to combine the two!

I think I'd like to do a 5 X 5 block next time??

7 down, 2 to go!

(77% There!)

Happy Sewing!



  1. I love love love those colours, very pretty.

  2. I like your pinwheels and stars block. I've been thinking of making another HST quilt using that block.

  3. Oh yes, I agree, lovely. Love that design!

  4. All this talk of blocks is all very confusing to me but the result is sure to be stunning. I love visiting quilting blogs to admire all your amazing creations. The colours in these fabrics are so fresh.

  5. Oh Geez! I love that block! This will be fantastic in your sampler! Great choice....again!

  6. Oh I am Loving that block! This quilt is going to be just divine!!!

  7. Wow this is such a fantastic block.

    If I'm honest, I'm too lazy to do HSTs but this might just be the block to change my mind! Beautiful!

  8. These colors are so wonderful. The extra blocks will really help pull everything together. Can't wait to see where it goes.

  9. Wow! How I love the fabrics in this block!

  10. You can never go wrong with pinwheels!

  11. LOVE that block!! Those shades of green are beautiful!!


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