Monday, May 9, 2011

My tree has blossomed!

I expect you can seeing me grinning from here!

I LOVE this!

I even enjoyed doing the applique!

Yes, that was the one major design decision I HAD to make....

Blanket stitch or raw edge applique were not doing it for me!

Don't get me wrong, I have done them before but I didn't think they suited this project!

These strips, left over bits from the blossom wedges, have been added to the 


after I added a dark purple, one inch border too!

But I didn't quite have enough scraps so there is some of the 'grass' in the 

bottom outside border too...

(You know what they say about the necessity being the mother of all invention!)

And a close before I added the blossom and the birdie!

And a close up after!

I have so enjoyed making this little quilt!

(Finished size- roughly 25 inches square)

Now to quilt it!

Happy sewing!

Fresh Sewing Day


  1. It's beautiful!! I love the escaping grass!

  2. Wonderful Suz, I love it....

  3. I think this is gorgeous too. Well done! Now you can enjoy it!

  4. Oh Suz! It is fantastic! I just love the pieced wedges underneath that gorgeous brown tree fabric! Love it, love it! The deep purple sets it off nicely and the extra grass in the border is perfect. Great job! Again!

  5. This turned out so great! I love the fabrics you selected. I am impressed that you did that applique on all the small branches. I don't know if I am that patient. Beautiful quilt.

  6. looks great .. not surprised you're grinning .. way to go!

  7. I love it Suz, it is fantastic.

  8. Suz - I love it. This is fantastic and so out of the ordinary. Great work - I can see you smiling all the way over here.

    Hugs - Marie

  9. That is one COOOLLL quilt. Really very nice.

  10. Oh, that is one Gorgeous block!!! It has turned out so well!!

  11. Well done, that's a great pattern and great fabric choices. Esp like the grass. Enjoy quilting it.

  12. This turned out so beautiful! I really love that scrappy border and the purple framing you did!

  13. I would have a big grin too after making this beautiful tree. Truly eye candy! Great job!

  14. Me too, I absolutely love this quilt and I love seeing the process as it came along and good to hear from you so early in the morning - must be evening your time I'm guessing.

  15. Looks like lots of work but well worth the effort - Great tree!

  16. Oh!!!!! I love trees and this one is really awesome!!


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