Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My regular 8 - 4 full time (full paying job!) 

seems to be taking over at the moment.

So all I've done is a little bit of tidying and sorting.....

And added a "To-Do" list to my side bar...

TBMQ = To be machine quilted
My pile of quilts ready, almost, to machine quilt!
TBHQ = To be hand quilted

TBJ = To be joined

TBM = To be made

And while there's not much sewing being done,

There's lots of inspiration....

In this fabulous new (to me!) book!

And THIS is on top of my list!

I love the look of this organiser-

(I do, indeed, like to be organised!)

And what about the red and aqua?

And what's not to like about this.....

A fabulous striped tote, a French baguette, cute red shoes and a bike!

Makes me happy just looking at this!

Happy days!



  1. You are very well organised. I've started listing what I want to achieve in my side bar and it has really kept me on task. Hope it works for you too. French General is fabulous.

  2. I wish I was that organised. The organiser looks fabulous, looking forward to seeing your version.

  3. Organisation is good, and pretty organisation is better!

  4. oooohhh a French General book!! Good for you for being organised!! It IS hard when you work full time. I'm a bit scared of listing my projects because then I'll realise how many I have :0.

  5. Great organization! Want to come to my house?! Okay...I wish I could have you hold up that circular looking quilt on top in the second picture! Looks fun! I love French niece lives very close to the store and has purchased a few buttons and things for me there. I treasure them. I agree the organizer is really cute....we have that red in white ribbon in the is very vintage looking. LOVE IT!

  6. That organizer is wonderful! Is it your pattern or from a book?

  7. Organising rocks, it is such an inspiration sparker for me. Something about a clean workspace makes me want to mess it up all over again!


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