Saturday, April 23, 2011

I have a plan!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway!

I'm sure the winners will make good use of my scraps!

And now that my holiday is nearly over...

 I decided I would spend some time cutting out...

And cutting out...

I now have a plan for a quilt, using all the random blocks I have made recently.

So when I get some sewing time I'll be all ready to go...

Adding to the Mosaic Block...

Making another Scrappy Star..... 

in a new colourway...

And making at least one Stashbuster Block I've seen on LMS's blog

Although, I must say, this little pile has hardly depleted my stash!

(Which means there will be another giveaway soon!)

Sometimes it's great to get a jump on tasks, isn't it?

And I love having a plan!

What are you planning?

Happy days!



  1. Looks so lovely, do you remember me writing and asking about the eiffel tower material? I did indeed get a piece (thanks to you) and made my sister a gorgeous half apron check out my blog and you can take a look. It was black/white with orange spots, I loved it. thanks again :)

  2. Great plan! I was watching Fons and Porter on PBS this morning and they were discussing how much more fabric we have now than in the past, but that we should keep buying more to add to our the manufacturers will continue producing more. Well, that's all I needed to hear! So even tho you are only making a dent in your stash - you have my permission to go out and buy more :) I need to finish the NYB and put together my fans from the QAL!

  3. What fun you are having with your scraps and other small pieces. And "cheers" to more fabric! I dond't buy a lot right now, but when I do it is a great feeling, because it usually means another finished project.

  4. that Eiffel Tower fabric is so cool. You have some great plans, and Mary's comment was so true!


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