Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Makeover!

I have a little tabletop ironing board (although I use it on the floor!) which has 

taken some battering!

It definitely deserved a makeover....

And my safety pin tin was rather sad too!

I found an old biscuit tin stored away in a cupboard and even though it is a little 

large I thought it was too pretty to be hidden away!

With that achieved I turned my attentions to the ironing board...

Some pretty fabric from my large stash...

I took the old cover off, unthreaded the cord and used the top as a pattern.

That old top was nasty, wasn't it?
I cut the new fabric a fair bit larger than the previous cover to allow for the  

extra padding I added from my basting scraps...

Cut, hem with a narrow casing for the cord, thread the cord and pull it up tight!


Got to be happy with that.

Makeover complete!

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Happy sewing...



  1. I love your tin! You will have a fun time filling that up with basting pins :) Great job on the ironing board cover. Mine is disgusting! I should definitely use your method and make a new one!

  2. Your new ironing board cover is absolutely fresh, bright and lovely. Great pin tin.

  3. I could do with a new cover on mine...Thanks for sharing this yours looks Gorgeous...

  4. Amazing make over. Just fabulous.

  5. Love your new ironing board cover. I do the same thing! I buy the little mini ironing board from Ikea which has ony a really thin cover over a wore lattice. I cut some batting the right size and then put a fabric cover over the top - works great!


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