Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Greetings!

Firstly, Easter greetings to all!

 No sooner have I off-loaded given away some of my rather large stash, 

than I find this....

A fabric store near me gets an occasional delivery of the most amazing bolts of 


And something told me I should go over while I was on holidays!

I am no fabric snob so I don't care how old this stuff is!

A couple of these are Alexander Henry from 2008!

And Lecien, from I don't know when?

And a few other designers/makers that I don't recognise...

But at $7.50 a metre, I couldn't resist!

This would make a great market bag!

And look at these cute puppies!

And these five prints are a quilt in the making!

And the dots on the left are fabulous!

As if I needed more fabric?

Enjoy your Easter!



  1. Yay you! That looks like happy shopping to me.

  2. as if you need an exceuse to buy more fabirc anyway... these ARE gorgeous!

  3. SCORE! Yay Suz! These are fabulous! I love a good stripe and they are so difficult for me to have found some good ones. The puppies are so cute and I love the vegetable print. Have a wonderful Easter...or I hope you HAD a wonderful Easter :)

  4. I love the red noodle bowl fabrics!! $7.50 a meter is a super bargain!! You're lucky to have a great store nearby!

  5. This is a test .... To see if you get this! Haha!


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