Friday, April 29, 2011

Stars Over Paris II

I have completed another block for my modern sampler....

And this, I must admit, may be the the last one!

I think I am quite 'over' this colour palette, for the moment, at least!

Now, I would love these blocks to sit on my design wall while I thought about 

how I will put them together!

But as I don't have one, they will languish in a pile and probably keep me awake 

at night thinking about it instead!

Suggestions gratefully accepted!

Happy days!



  1. What a fabulous block. The Eiffel Tower almost is seen in the stars as well. Love to see the whole quilt when it's finished. They are my sort of colours.

  2. They are Very Pretty..know what you mean though...
    I always leave blocks when I get like this...sometimes it takes a while and then the Idea comes & I'm into them all Gusto...

  3. Argh....I was feeling very envious when I read the design wall!!! I wish I had one too...someday....the kids can't live with us forever - can they? I love these colors, very spring and summer like. But I sure do understand being 'over' it! I think I remember you said they are different sizes? Can you have one in the middle flanked by the others - maybe with some sashing to get the measurements to work.
    Maybe you will have an epiphany in your slumber!


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