Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mary, Mary!

I have made a wonderful friend in Blogland, through my blog, hers and Flick'r!

My friend's name is Mary...

 And she sent me this wonderful parcel of goodies....

Look at these pretty fabrics and ribbons!

Plans are already underway!

And this beautiful, fabulous, pretty, amazing pin cushion.....

Perfectly handstitched....

 I had admired it on her blog and on Flick'r but never imagined it would be mine!

Thank you Mary, you are a very special lady who has made me feel VERY 

special indeed!

Happy days to Mary and all my friends....



  1. you do meet some lovely people thru blogland don't you! Lucky you receiving all those goodies! Enjoy!

  2. Well, you ARE very special! I always enjoy are chats and it was fun to pick out something special for you! Thanks for being a friend :)

  3. What a lovely parcel of goodies and pin cushion. It is very reassuring to know there a lots of lovely people out there.
    Well done Mary!

  4. What lovely gifts. I love the flowers on the pin cushion.

  5. What great presents. I love the pincushion.


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