Saturday, July 6, 2019

Flying North or South!

That is the name of my latest finish!

I made the label when I took a break from writing school reports!
I had wanted to make a flying geese quilt for a long 

time and had various versions pinned on Pinterest.

Just some of the 25 fabrics in the quilt

And I'd been collecting fabrics for quite some time...

One arrangement I considered
The Meadowland quilt, of which I have made two, 

 uses the four-at-a-time 

method of construction,

so I used it this time and it came together quite 


Although I did decide to make an extra column as 

originally it was 48" by 60" - a little skinny!

Normally I like skinny, just not in my quilts!

Making the extra five blocks took no time at all.

My friend Deb suggested I get my hands on this 

quilting book

And I was thrilled that one of the nearby libraries 

had it!

So it is quilted in wavy organic lines.

I like the little hints of red scattered across the 

greens and blues.

 It was another glorious Winter's day,

perfect for some glamour shots!

Quilt details- "Flying North or

54" by 60"#8 for 2019
Lifetime Quilt #112

Happy sewing!



  1. Hallo Suz!
    Das Quilting ist ja wunderbar geworden:-)) Jetzt kannst Du dieses Prachtstück auch endlich nutzen. Und das Label, als Dresden Plate genäht ist ja wirklich eine sehr schöne Idee. Das werde ich mir merken.
    Ganz liebe sommerliche Grüße aus dem Südwesten Deutschlands, sendet Dir die Bildersammlerin!

  2. I love your flying geese quilt, the colors are wonderful. This is the kind of quilt to be used in the winter to chase away the winter dreariness! Happy Stitching!

  3. A gorgeous quilt Susan. I have that book....I must get it out and reread!
    Colours and fabrics are great!

  4. Super quilt, with a wonderful array of greens and yellow-greens. I love the block arrangement, and give two thumbs up for the wavy-line quilting. I love WALK as it has so much good information, and recommend it to my FMQ classes. Bravo to you for another finish!

  5. Another beautiful green quilt. I love the organic quilting lines... although I know they are harder than they look!

  6. Really nice with all those colors working together. Congratulations on a very pretty finish.

  7. A wonderful quilt! And a great photo shoot too! I like that your geese go up & down, lots of movement, and those little 'pops' of red work brilliantly!

  8. This is awesome. Now I want to make one. ☺

  9. Another gorgeous green quilt. You are on a quilty role!

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  12. This is a great finish, love all the colour!!

  13. GOSH, I love this quilt. I made a green quilt a few years back and boy, did I struggle with choosing the fabrics. Not a problem I usually have. It was for our grandson’s bride to be shower gift. Her favorite color is green. She and everyone else at the shower loved but I always felt that I could have done better with the fabric choices. This is the FIRST quilt since then that has inspired me to work with a predominate green color. Thank you sooo much for posting. This would also enable me to reach another goal of making a flying geese quilt. Lol, we even have a goose named Oliver. Yup, SHE was named way before we found an egg. Happy quilting..BTW, I just found this blog and sure will follow.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments, quiltgram. You are a no-reply blogger and have no email linked to your account so I cannot reply personally. Be brave with your choices and I’m sure you’ll end up with an amazing quilt!

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  17. Your geese turned out beautifully Susan. I like the wavy quilting lines too. It's one of my go to motifs when I do the quilting myself . . . which isn't all that often these days.

  18. Hi, Susan. I am back from holidays and catching up on your posts. You have been keeping busy. And it looks like there has been a lot of blue and green in your projects. Gorgeous combinations. I am liking the two most recent quilts with these colors. I find the colours and patterns very fresh in appearance. And well done with the spiral quilting. That took a lot of patience.
    I do hope you have been enjoying the mid year break. keep warm. Cheers.

  19. Great finish Susan & I love the colours in the quilt & again your gorgeous glamour shots. Take care & keep warm in this cold dreary weather.


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