Thursday, July 18, 2019

Ruby Tuesday

That is the name of my latest quilt finish and #9 for 


I felt I needed a break from all the greens, so pulled 

a blend of pinks, reds, corals and creams from my 


My friend reminded me of the simple but effective 

free pattern by Film in the Fridge called "2 by 4"

The tutorial is found here

As you can imagine, it came together very quickly!

While waiting for the basting spray to dry I made a 

label and binding.

One reason I made this little quilt was to try out 

another machine quilting design from "WALK", the 

walking foot book by Jacquie Gering.

I traced a petal shape with my water dissolvable 


And I think the petal design worked well, 

even if some of it is a little wonky!

The second reason was to have another quilt in the 

gift cupboard, this one maybe for a girl.

In fact, I think I have found a recipient!

The third reason?

I needed to make a quilt I could call "Ruby Tuesday"!

Finished size 49" by 45"

Pardon the boring indoor photos....

the weather is dark, dreary and windy this week!

No glamour shots for this girl!

Happy sewing!



  1. I love the colours & oh so easy, especially when you need a quick gift. Clever quilting design. Do love your labels, which is my downfall. I've been waiting for the sun to shine & resorted to do indoor shots for my post today too. Take care.

  2. What a good way to use small pieces of fabric, and another reason to practice walking foot quilting. Seems like you're getting a lot out of that book. Your petal design looks good! You took nice indoor pictures too - I understand how that goes, when the weather doesn't cooperate. Happy for another finish! 2019 is turning into your very productive year!

  3. Those fabrics are so pretty and made a great quilt.

  4. I love it! Such pretty colors and the name is perfect.

  5. You must have an amazingly extensive stash. I'm impressed with your new quilting designs.

  6. I do like how you placed the petal shape across two different patches, sort of off centre. Looks very cool and modern. I have been straight line quilting my Quilty Stars quilt and struggling with quilting again 😤. I just can't get the quilt to not shift and have puckers on some intersections. I might just have to admit defeat. I know FMQ is my happy place, but sometimes I just want simple straight lines.

  7. I think this is so very charming!! I've had a hard time photographing my pink, cream and red quilt and the light is bright--I think reds must be hard to capture, but you do a great job. Super name, too. Who could resist?? Congratulations on another quilt finish!

  8. I think Ruby Tuesday is a great name. I love how you quilted the petals with your walking foot. Love that label.

  9. I do agree tat simple designs can often be the most effective. Lovely way to use so many reds, too. Great work with your quilting design. I think the petals do work well.


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