Monday, July 15, 2019

The love of quilting!

I had the opportunity today to share some of my 

quilts with my colleagues!

I have never done anything like this before,

and it felt quite a privilege to be asked!

People were very kind in their comments and 


 I got my friends to help me hold the quilts.

I especially loved telling them about the


I have made the world over through our love of 


Pardon all my goofy poses.....

we do strange things when we talk, don't we?

My hope is that I have convinced some of my


to take up sewing or quilting!

I loved the chance to pass on my love of quilting!

I might even find some new friends to sew with!

I hope you enjoyed my little trunk show!

Happy sewing!



  1. How exciting to be able to show & share your quilts along with your sewing journey. I'd love to join in sewing with you, well, if I was in your area (giggle). I enjoyed the trunk show too. Take care.

  2. Not only did I like your quilt show, I loved your quilt show!!! You have done so many different types of quilts and loved every one of them and what a great honor to share with everyone.

  3. Yes I enjoyed your quilt show very much! I have seen many of these since I have been following you for several years. I only wish this could have been a video. Would love to hear you speak about your quilting passion. Looking forward to many more quilts.

  4. Wish I had been there for the show. Your work is so beautiful.

  5. This whole post made me smile--so many beautiful quilts and many that we have done in tandem and a couple that we have done together. I echo Mary's comment: I wish I could have been there to see it all. So glad it was a success--congratulations!!

  6. Yeah for you! It's wonderful to see so many of your quilts all together. Very inspiring. I also remember making one of those feathers during the MCMBee and worrying about it not being the right size.

  7. Great trunk show, Susan! So am I right to assume that by "colleagues" you mean your co-workers at the school? They are all educators? Or staff? If so, they likely don't know much about quilting, so were surely impressed by everything you shared with them. Probably even overwhelmed! So many beautiful quilts!I hope you touched a couple of them enough to develop an interest in learning more about how to make a quilt. Though you may have begun a whole new "job" for yourself!

  8. I'm lucky that of the 6 other people I work with, 2 also quilt and the rest are super interested... with opinions! Sharing WIP progress and upcoming plans, as well as discussing problems is common morning tea or lunch discussions. I am very lucky!

  9. Such a lovely assortment of quilts. So nice to see them all, very inspiring!

  10. What a wonderful opportunity. It looks like it was a great time.

  11. How nice you could share with them! I loved your mini show! Beautiful works.

  12. So fantastic Susan! And so many beautiful quilts.

  13. Love your show and tell Susan. Beautiful quilts.

  14. This would have a been a lovely session. I htink it would have been fun to select quilts to share. Lovely to scroll through the photos and see all of them together.

  15. Nice quilt show and very inspiring. As I was asked to give a gallery talk a while back, I was a bit nervous, but talking to quilters turned out to be less scary than expected.

  16. Lots of memories for you in some of those quilts. I love your dream catcher quilt and your Christmas tree quilt.

  17. You have some beautiful quilts there! Very versatile too. Well done!

  18. Hi Suz, I found you via a pinterest photo and am in love with your work, especially the wool applique. Please, what is the name of the pattern for the quilt in # 6 picture similar to a dreamcatcher with the trailing leaves? That made me gasp when I saw it. I'll be checking in frequently to see what your'e up to.



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