Monday, January 21, 2019


The summer holidays are quickly coming to an end.

So I am a little reluctant to start anything new!

 I decided it was time to quilt my "Delilah" quilt,

with some machine stitching to anchor everything 


"Shadows of Love" is its formal name

then hand quilting, with a variegated Aurifil 

thread in 12 weight!

 I've added some new fat quarters to my stash.

Aren't those colours pretty?

And I "Marie Kondo-ed" it in my new little shelf.

I finished this hoop sometime ago. 

                            Did I show you?

Finally I am making a little bear for my grandson Eli.

             We love to go on adventures together!   

                          Happy sewing! 



Karen S said...

It looks like you have plenty to go on with without something new.
I do love the look of the hand stitching on your quilt.
And that is a fun little shelf for your fabrics. So these are the ones you really adore!
The embroidery in the hoop is delightful.
And I adore the little bear you are making.
Hope you get lots done before the break ends.

Anonymous said...

I love your “Shadows of Love“.
The colours and fabrics are wonderful.
The stichery is great. At the moment I will learn it. Whish I can do it like you.
Hope my Comment is not so bad. The Englisch Language is some thing that I will learn too.

Judy @ Sew Some Sunshine said...

I love your Delilah quilt. I still haven't decided how to quilt mine, but this is inspiring me, I think I'll try the same. I like the idea of machine quilting and then the hand quilting. Thanks!

Needled Mom said...

Your hand quilting looks so pretty on that gorgeous quilt. Love your new fabrics and your hoop stitching.

Pip said...

Good idea to machine quilt parts of your quilt and then hand quilt the detail parts, something to do while watching the tennis perhaps? I spy some of the same fabrics that I have in your little shelf plus some others that look really lovely :)

OPQuilt said...

All lovely things, with lots of fun eye candy everywhere. Congratulations on getting to the stitching of Delilah. It will be beautiful when you finish. I love that hoop and that little bear!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Your quilt is beautiful and I love your hoop stitching. I also, love the bear. Your Grandson will be delighted with it :)

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

You've been super productive with your sewing, already this year. I love your Delilah quilt and the direction which you're taking with the hand quilting. It's going to be another beauty.

Suz J said...

Love your little fabric shelf. I am always so worried about sun damage that I don't display any fabric out... but I need to watch fabrics that are sitting out for current projects.

Julie said...

Sometimes having lots of little or big things on the go is good. You can pick up or put down whenever you like then.

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