Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Welcome 2019!

I probably should have finished 2018 with this 

post, but it didn't happen.

Here is a summary of my 2018 makes, as shown on 

Instagram with the hashtag #topnine2018
Some of my favourite makes from 2018

 I realised last week that some of these quilts were 

not labelled,

so I spent some time remedying that!

When I showed my Clambake quilt top on Instagram 

the other day, I was blown away with the 200+ likes!

That was just the incentive I needed to get it 


I spent some pleasant hours hand quilting it with 

black perle thread.

Of course, I attached a label immediately, sewing it 

into the binding.

I have called this "Clambake 101" as a tribute to 

my 101st quilt,

and quilt #1 for 2019!

Started November 2017,

Finished December 2018

Finished size 40" by 30"

Pattern from "Quilt Lovely" book by Jen Kingwell

Happy sewing!



Robby said...

This is truly wonderful. You've inspired me to dig that book out and figure out why I haven't started one of these. It certainly was one of the designs that first caught my eye. Happy stitching in 2019!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Some wonderful finishes for 2018! I really love your 'deliah' quilt, the colour combo is so pretty.
And on my, love your "clambake101" ... very special with it's hand piecing & hand quilting!

Down the Avenue said...

Happy New Year Suz! I've just found your blog and loved scrolling through your pics - your Clambake 101 is awesome. Wishing you many happy stitching hours in 2019

LintLady said...

Hello Suz,
these are so nice quilts! I like your clambrake 101, too but my favourit is the NYB pattern one.
Happy new year 2019 , Doris :o)

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I do love those clambakes . . . and all your other 2018 finishes too. Wishing you a great 2019.

Karen S said...

What a lovely collection of quilts for the year. It is great to see them all and appreciate the achievement.
And Clambake 101 and definitely a great finish. Good to see it happily on display.
Are you going to be busy at the tennis this year?

Julie Fukuda said...

Wonderful finishes, and so good to have included labels. That is something I very often forget to do. No wonder the clambake got all those likes! I hope your fingers didn't get as sore as mine using pearl cotton (and the larger needle it seems to require).

Suz J said...

Aren't you good adding labels! Maybe I should have added this step to my quilting to do checklist! I thought I was being good by adding blogging to it, but adding a label is important too!

OPQuilt said...

I smiled as I reviewed your top nine for 2018, seeing how intertwined our quilty lives were that year. I still love your New York Beauty quilt, and hope someday to have one of those myself. Such a standout collection, Susan! (And that Clambake is stunning--how did I miss this on IG??) I'm glad you brought it forward on your blog as it's a wonderful quilt with a great setting. Happy New Year!

FlourishingPalms said...

So many great 2018 makes, Susan! Clambake is a favorite, so I'm glad you were incentivized to finish it. I think I like it because of all the different prints. I still adore a good-n-scrappy quilt. I'm glad to see you making labels too. I recently had to do that for a half-dozen quilts, and used Printed Treasures which have now run out. Am thinking maybe to make them your way... or a new way I haven't tried. It's where you program your sewing machine's alphabet to stitch the words onto binding. Then, you sew the binding to the quilt. Doesn't that sound like a good idea? Might try that on a quilt this year to see how it goes. My problem will be limiting myself to fewer words! No surprise there, huh? :-)

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