Friday, February 8, 2019

Missing in Action....

Has it really been nearly three weeks between blog posts?

Life got in the way, I guess!

But I have been sewing, so here's a quick recap-

I found a pattern for my lightweight denim 

purchased in New Zealand...

  New Look #6500

Believe me, it looks far better on ME than it does on 

the sewing dummy!

I really love the fringe details!

And, yes, I started a new quilt with these fabrics!

It is a pattern called Meadowland.

I do have it pieced together but will save that until I 

can get a better photo!

 Mr. Adventure Bear is slowly coming together!

 Most evenings have been spent hand quilting my 

"Shadows of Love" quilt....

The colour is off a bit in this photo

The texture is wonderful!
I'm hoping to have this finished soon!

What have you been up to the last few weeks?

Happy sewing!



  1. You sure have been busy and love the dress ...looks very comfortable and bet you make that pattern in other fabrics now. Very interesting fabrics for your blocks and can't wait to see how these look all together.

  2. No doubt that you have been busy. Your hand quilting is beautiful on your quilt and your blocks are so pretty.

  3. Love that dress pattern, and the jeans material. I have some similar light-weight jeans material. I might have to borrow that pocket detail! Good to see that I am not alone when it comes to working on multiple, varied projects at the same time.

  4. Love the Meadowland blocks and all the other projects you have in the works. If you've been missing in action then I don't know what you'd call me since I'm lucky to post once a month. But like you, I do keep busy. I've been without my machine so have been cutting and prepping some really old fabric to bust my stash. Just not posting.

  5. I haven't been blogging much either but do enjoy reading posts especially yours. However, you always seem to set me off on a new project, wait until I finish my quilt with Jen Kingwell fabrics. Love your dress! Please don't get me started on sewing clothes, I don't to do zippers. And the Meadowland blocks, I don't dare ask you about the pattern.

  6. Time does fly when life gets in the way. You have made lots of progress while not blogging. Maybe I have to un-plug my computer and get to work.

  7. The dress is beautiful. That's a great print.

  8. I love that fringing. I often save selvedge edges for decorative use like that.
    Your meadowland quilt is looking fabulous, as is your hand quilting.

  9. Are you going to do the headband for the bear? Super important question, I know 😆...

  10. You might not have been blogging but you have been busy. Love the dress, pockets are so handy for popping your phone into. Nice backing fabric for your quilt, it is going to look great once it is finished.

  11. Work does tend to take over at the start of the year. But it is lovely to see you getting some stitching time. Your dress looks great and is perfect for the weather we have been having.
    Great fabrics in your new quilt. Good luck with you quilting and the bear.
    I seem to have been spending most of this week getting new projects prepared. Sometimes it is quite deceptive haw much work is needed before sewing actually starts.

  12. You are working on really beautiful projects. I'm not surprised you haven't found time to blog. You dress looks lovely, the bear is adorable and I'm looking forward to seeing more of quilts :)

  13. Even when you are missing in action, you still get lovely things made! I'm always impressed by your clothing sewing, and that bear is beyond cute. Your hand-quilting is coming along nicely--you are quick! Such an array of beautiful projects; nice to know you are still creating along!

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