Sunday, November 24, 2019

Good Victory...

is the name of my latest quilt finish,

my 14th quilt for 2019!

This is the second time I have made a scrappy quilt 

with this 'pattern'....

I really like how the navy blue works with the white 

and all my scraps!

As usual, I've kept the quilting simple...

with just some straight lines through all the white 


Why is it called "Good Victory", I hear you ask?

My friend's name is Eunice, 

and it means Good Victory!

Dimensions: 54" X 68"
Quilt finish # 14 for 2019
#118 all-time quilt
Scrappy sandwiches quilt

Happy sewing!



  1. Great finish! This is a lovely result. Well done getting it do in time.

  2. Hello Suz,
    I like this scrappy look and the dark blue just compliments it.
    I am impressed you made 14 quilts this year.
    Happy Sewing and take care, Doris :o)

  3. Nice idea for using up scraps. I am taking notes on this one too.

  4. beautiful! What is the name of the pattern? I love the navy blue also! I have not had any sew-jo this year, but hoping for a big turnaround after the holidays! Thanks for sharing

  5. Lovely quilt, it really looks wonderful with the navy against the white. Happy Stitching!

  6. What a lovely finish, Susan! You're really on a roll this year, and I'm glad for you to have a home for this quilt. Eunice will surely love it. Great pictures too! That backdrop, with the bright blues and yellows, is inspiration for another quilt, I think!

  7. Thank you...found it. I just love this block and how easy it is. Like the way a different color center changes the look. This navy really appealed to me.
    xx, Carol

  8. Love this! The navy background is just perfect with all the scrappy colors.

  9. Lucky lady... and great quilt name! I am feeling like navy is a bit underrated. I have never really liked it but am now just falling in love with its charms... So smart and crisp against the white sashing.

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