Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Slowing down...

After a flurry of quilt finishes,

I decided I needed a 'slow sewing' project.

For me, English Paper Piecing is ideal!

 While it will take some time to make enough blocks 

for a good-sized quilt,

this project is portable and fun to make!

My first set is all fussy cut...

from my 'kerchief girls' and Heather Ross stash!

This is the Quatro Colour quilt by Sue Daley....

there are plenty of beautiful quilts on Instagram for 


Happy sewing!



  1. I love the variety of your fussy cut fabrics... So cute! Especially the sausage dogs!

  2. These blocks are going to be gorgeous with the lovely fabrics you have selected. I can see this could be quite addictive.

  3. So glad that you enjoy handwork, and that you've picked up EPP again. I love it too, though I will never work at the pace you do. Your fabrics are adorably you... I haven't used prints like these in my quiltmaking. Continue having fun with these blocks!

  4. The Quatro thing seems to be worldwide! Several of my friends are working on or have just finished this and they are all lovely, as is yours. I don't think I've seen some of your fabrics and they are enchanting. I do hand work but never tried the paper piecing.

  5. Hello Suz,
    wonderful! I like how you arrange the different motives.
    Happy sewing and greatings fom Germany (nasty fall weather here = makes best quilter weather *lol*) Doris :o)

  6. Lovely. Enjoy the process. You have so many sweet fabrics to showcase. I can't seem to manage hand sewing but I'm good at slow sewing by machine meaning that many projects take forever to finish.

  7. Your fussy cut blocks are so adorable - looking forward to seeing the end result :)

  8. You've got a sweet selection of fussy cut blocks, really loving the mice! Are you making this for any special little person?

  9. You have some wonderful fabrics for fussy cutting. Love those mice. EPP is such a great project for summer sewing.

  10. I believe that one of your amazing talents is being able to choose -- and cut -- the perfect shapes for fussy-cut EPP, and this group is certainly a testimony to that skill. I love all the bits and pieces you've sewn. If this is slowing down, then hooray for this!! Beautiful, Susan!


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