Monday, August 22, 2016

Whimsy- another cushion!

I make lots of cushions....

 And lots of quilts!

(77 at last count!)

But I often wish I had a cushion to match the quilt 

currently gracing my bed!

I remedied that this weekend

and made a cushion to match my "On A Whim" quilt!

While not a perfect match,

it is still pretty and fun!

My friend Marg was throwing out  re-homing some 

fabrics when I visited her recently,

so I offered to help her out with this print!

I quilted it with some simple straight lines

And the candy stripe pink binding matches the quilt, 

at least!

Finished size - 20" square!

I better get a move on, 

I have a few quilts that require a matching cushion!

Happy sewing!



  1. Cushions seem to multiply like rabbits - be careful you're not overrun ;) I like to have a lot of cushions just in case the cats throw up on one. I can rescue the cover but the fill never survives. Good to have reserves. Babies are just as bad, so watch out!!

  2. This turned out perfect! I need to make more cushions too!

  3. I hope you know you're starting something.... we are all going to run to our stash and start making matching cushions! Yours looks great with the quilt and the fabric is really cute :)

  4. Its a great match and looks so pretty.

  5. A beautiful finish and a lovely match to your quilt! Can never have too many cushions. ;o)

  6. It's beautiful, and I don't think cushions need to be a perfect match either, or else they get lost in the quilt. 77 Quilts!! How long have you been making them for?

  7. I love this but I have to tell you something funny. When you posted this earlier saying it was for a cushion, I thought what a lovely fabric combination but way too lovely to sit on. Here in the States, a cushion is something you sit on and I couldn't imagine anyone sitting on it. Glad to know now that when you say cushion it means pillow. I always love your fabric combinations/choices.

  8. That fabric that you rehomed is is the cushion you made to match your beautiful quilt!

  9. My goodness but you have lots of pillows... err, cushions! Do you use all of them? But I sure like this newest one. The colors are so pretty together, and the print is just charming. This really looks like you. I'm curious... do you make your own pillow forms? Or buy them ready-made? Or just stuff the pillow yourself? With what? They all look so nice!

  10. Hi Suz
    Love your cushions, I like to make cushions to, Your daisy print cushion is gorgeous

  11. Hi Suz. That cushion is so darned cute and matches the quilt perfectly. The focal square fabric is gorgeous.

  12. super cute! I think I have some of that fabric in my stash :)

  13. What a fabulous collection of cushions! You make the best cushions and I love your latest with it's cute Paris fabric. It's fun that it matches your quilt and a lovely way to remember your visit to Marg too.

  14. Such a fun cushion Suz. What a great print to fussy cut! And I love your new blog header too :-)

  15. A-dorable!!
    Such cute touches!

  16. Such a fun fabric that you re-homed - great find.

  17. Very fun cushion and it's so pretty--glad it matches that terrific quilt of yours. I love your term "re-homing" and plan to use it a lot, as I swap fabrics with friends.

  18. I do like the idea of matching quilts and cushions. It makes sense as there is often left over fabric to use.

  19. I think they look lovely together. I don't make many pillows (or cushions as you call them) but I really should. Our couch could use some new ones. Go you ever put zippers in them or envelop enclosures?


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