Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Progress is....


When there are distractions like this....

and helping my other son buy his first home,

any progress is to be celebrated!

The front,

My "Milky Way" jumper is finished...

And the back.

 I am a new convert to blocking....

you can read more about it here

so I think I will do that before I wear it.

This is my second finish from my F-A-L list ...

Original list here

And I managed some time at the sewing machine 

on the weekend...

making my "Spelling Bee" block for Mary

and two Chuck blocks....

for August!

Progress is being made!

Happy days indeed!



  1. well done with your finishes x I think blocking makes SUCH a difference x esp. with lace and cables xx

  2. The baby looks gorgeous! Love your flower appliqué block.

  3. Well done on getting your jumper finished!! It's such a great colour! You've been doing well to get any crafting done with that cute distraction in the first photo.

  4. Great work, yet I suspect helping and enjoying your family are the most satisfying type of 'progress'.

  5. Eli is the perfect excuse for not completing WIPs. You certainly get to try a lot of different techniques in those Chuck blocks.

  6. Love your new jumper and your little sweetheart is so beautiful. Buying a house is very exciting news.

  7. What a cute wee button... definitely a distraction... and they just get worse the bigger they get! Lots of things going on in your life, and with your blocks. Well done on that jumper! Now that is an achievement.

  8. Very good progress given the distractions. That blue jumper...the colour is so gorgeous!

  9. That sweet baby! You already know I love that sweater, and the last picture of the dresden flower block - so cute!

  10. Such a lovely distraction! He is so cute! I should make a sweater like that - summer doesn't really come this year, it already feels like winter again... Or at least autumn... I'm really looking forward to our summer holidays in Cuba - I hope we'll find the sun there!!!

  11. You keep enjoying those distractions. They are so much fun.
    And I am impressed with your finished jumper. That looks great.
    Well done on finishing some blocks, too.
    Good luck with the house hunting!

  12. The knitting is killing me. I only wish I had the skills. And baby Is just precious. Snuggles are the best.

  13. With a sweet baby like that to snuggle I wouldn't get anything done. Good for you with all you're squeezing in.

  14. Yay! on that first photo of a cute grandchild, and yay, hooray for all your other finishes. Always fun to read your blog and see your progress, as you are always an inspiration.

  15. oh that's beautiful! Thanks for joining in the FAL on behalf of the cohosts!


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