Friday, August 19, 2016

Starts and finishes....

Maybe it's Spring that has me thinking of starting 

something new,

like this cushion...

Or maybe this pattern?

Or finishing this Spring-like window view...

(my 3rd finish for the F-A-L,

original list here)

which is appropriately called

 "Window on the World"...

which travelled all the way round the world!

 I've finished my Chuck blocks for August...

these are the latest to join the party!

I want to finish off today thanking my core of faithful 


With the rise of IG and the apparent demise of the 


your constant support and regular comments make 

my day...

Thank you Julie and Suz in New Zealand, 
Elizabeth and Di in California,  
Sandra in Germany, 
Carla in Canada, 
Julie in Japan, 
Barb and Anne in 'somewhere USA',
Carla in Western Australia, 
and Lynda, Kirsty, Karen and Rachael in the sunny north!

and all my other followers who I know read along,
some blossoms for you. 

Happy days!



  1. Spring is such an invigorating time of the year. I love the Window on the World and your cushion is so sweet too. Your blocks are just "blooming" beautifully as the real ones.

  2. Love you 'window on the world', a very pretty view! I've had the 'wild ride' pattern for some time now, must get started on it! It's a shame about the present decline in blogging, and while sometimes a 'quick pic does the trick' I do still really enjoy reading blogs.I appreciate the time & effort that goes into writing the posts, and I feel it's a great way for sharing & learning.

  3. Always so much pretty stuff happening in your world! I can't wait to see your version of the Jen Kingwell pattern!

  4. I just love that window on the world with connections to other friends. I, too, have found a group of very special blogging friends. The ones I have managed to meet in person have been just as wonderful as I imagined. It reminds me I have to get back to work on my followers blocks.

  5. I love the window into your sewing room! So many pretty things happening. I does feel as though less people are blogging doesn't it. Yay for those still taking a bit more time to tell stories and write comments.

  6. Hi Suz. I'm new here. The blocks in the first pic caught my eye. I am learning how to build blocks so I think I'll look around and come back too. I'm from Northern Indiana USa. Nice to meed you.

  7. Look, you finished the pips quilt and it is fantastic!

  8. Oooh . . . I love the vintage like feel of all these projects. You have a lovely bunch of fabrics. The Chuck blocks are especially sweet. Wish it was coming into spring here too but alas Colorado is heading toward fall. Still very hot right now though.

  9. Thanks for the picture of the blooms!! I live in Sequim, WA and it's fun to see Spring again. Your blog is good for me to read since your projects give me ideas for my projects. Thank you.

  10. Love the blogs! thanks for keeping up for all of us who are instagram challenged

  11. I just love all your finishes and new projects and once again you've nailed the CN's. So happy Spring is around the corner for you 'cause that means Fall is next up here🙏😀

  12. I love following your blog. Your quilts are always beautiful and inspiring. Would love to see more baby pics!

  13. I love your blog and your quilts are inspiring

  14. I love reading your blog (even though I don't comment much) and I prefer it to I.G. Loved todays blocks :)

  15. Pink blossoms, thankyou.
    Short sweet and inspiring, please keep your blogs coming.

  16. A blog post is much nicer than a pic and one liner any day. Please keep your blog alive. I don't comment much but I love to keep connected. Xx

  17. I'm happy to be your faithful follower--how can I not be delighted with such fun quilts and projects to see, such as the ones found in this post. Thank you for the flowers, and the other beautiful things to see. Bravo to you on your finishes!

  18. Love the colours in that top cushion. I thought for a moment it was a Tula City Sampler block. Our blossoms aren't quite out yet, so thanks for sharing yours.

  19. Gorgeous blossoms. Sorry to say my excitement over the warm weather heralding the end of Winter was short lived. Looks like another 2 weeks at least with the Winter clothes.
    Looks like you several plans for stitching and it is lovely to see your finishes. I do like your Window on the World. Lovely that it has travelled so far.
    Keep blogging. I much prefer it to IG.

  20. Spring sounds nice and those blossoms on the tree are making me ache for cooler weather.

  21. You inspire me to keep blogging. Somehow I have to sort out my blog feed so that I get to read the ones I really want to and don't get swamped by all the others! And I am pretty much over instagram now that it is not chronological - I miss so many posts that I would really love to see! You did an amazing job putting 'Window on the World' together - it is so pretty :-)

  22. Love your cushion and the spring blooms. No spring where I live (tropical weather year round) so I love seeing them on your blog.

  23. Definitely won't be leaving's my only social's the interesting stories and comments that go with blogging that makes it special.......
    Always enjoy visiting.....

  24. I have to admit to not blogging since March but it's mostly because our computer died and it's just to annoying to do it on my phone!!
    Great finishing on the PIPs!!👍🙂

  25. Hi Suz! Love your projects, looks like the making of a great spring. And, your finish is great, all the cacti look like my new view in New Mexico! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.


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