Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Looking Forward.....

to making August's Chuck Nohara blocks,

Mary's sample

 my Spelling Bee block for Mary,

and Four-in-Art mini,

with the theme of 

"I've got the blues"

which has me dreaming of this....

and of finishing this!

I'm guessing there is plenty of winter still left to get 

some wear from it!

Happy days!



  1. You've got wonderful projects to look forward to!!

  2. Those blues are beautiful! That will be fun. Mary's block looks great.

  3. I love blue and use it to rarely these days. I'm sure you'll have plenty of use for your new knit.

  4. Me too--except for the knitting part. I love that we have parallel projects!!

  5. I want to visit that beach. Beautiful. Have fun in August with all your projects.

  6. Lots of projects to work on! I'm just back from a wintery week at the beach- the cobwebs were literally blown away on our wild and windy beach walks, so invigorating!

  7. That little list will certainly keep you busy for August. Love your knitting.


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