Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Decisions, decisions!

School holidays are rapidly coming to an end...

I have cut up lots of 2.5" squares from my scraps...

and added to this 'travelling' block!

I added the top strip!

So what should I work on next?

Machine quilt this baby quilt?

Keep making more of these...

Yes, a new quilt!

Or make more pompoms.....

Hand quilt my Christmas runner?

cut out this top,

or make this cushion?

Does your WIPs list grow when you are on holidays?

Happy sewing!



  1. Haha! Oh, what to do, what to do! I like all your projects you've got going on. If only I had more time - a rather worn and tired refrain, that is! I need to just get on with it! Looking forward to seeing your progress as you go along.

  2. What a happy post! I love all the options and all the color. Such a treat to go with my morning coffee. Thank you!

  3. I did laugh as I read your post... I think we can all relate! You have lots of yummy projects waiting, I particularly like your 'new quilt' little blocks!

  4. How about all of the above. I have cut out my Mum's birthday gift, started another quilt, And am getting ready to make another birthday gift for a friend. It never ends. Enjoy your holidays though:)

  5. Oh just do them all:) Love the fabrics and pom pom trim you have ready for the Pretty Potent cushion!

  6. Yes, the list does have a tendency to grow, doesn't it! Sometimes mine gets so long that I'm too tired to do anything. Enjoy the rest of your holidays - hope you make a dent in your list x

  7. Make the cushion! Such fun fabrics and I love bobble trim. Then make your new top - a lovely change to make something for yourself :)

  8. That's a lot of choices. Have fun with whichever you choose.

  9. Wow! Too many good choices! Do it all! I love all the projects you have going. The ball fringe trim for the cushion is fabulous!

  10. I like how you laid out the MCM blocks. It will be a bright cheery Christmas runner. I also really like square blocks with the vintage style fabrics. Am wondering if you're making a bento box quilt? I've been thinking about making one. Almost chose it for my MCM block this month.

  11. Now in that situation I am likely to look at all the things that need finishing, then go and start something new. Good luck!

  12. All such gorgeous projects. I really love the Christmas table runner - red and white has been quite the trend this year :)

  13. The layout of those red/white blocks is terrific! I think you should work on that first (not like I get to choose). I haven't done a WIP post for quite a while (I'VE been the Work in Progress-haha) and I like reading about your goals and things you want to sew. Fun to consider all the possibilities as well as keep track of them.


  14. I can't wait to see this finished baby quilt. I love the colours. What is the background fabric, if you don't mind?


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