Monday, September 28, 2015

Don't judge me by my backside....

(that should draw a crowd!)

I have another finish to share...

"Melbourne Town" is quilted and bound!

I had intended to hand quilt this but couldn't find the 

motivation to get started...

So I machine quilted the sky first on the diagonal,

then added some 'in-the-ditch' around the larger 


By this stage I felt some hand quilting would finish it 

off nicely!

I used grey perle #8 thread for this.

And as it is often the case, I didn't really want to 


I chose a soft yellow gingham to frame it.

It matched nicely the backing!

Yes, this is the backside I referred to in my title!

I even remembered to put some 'hanger triangles' on the corners this time!

I resent paying top dollar for fabric that will go 

'sight unseen' against the wall.

And I have been trying to use my stash this year, so 

this is what I chose!

"Melbourne Town"  is now happily residing on my 

sewing room wall...

My favourite section!

where no one can see "my backside"!

Happy sewing,



  1. Cheeky title... lol ;o)
    What a beautiful finish and what a pleasure it will be to see it hanging where you can admire it! A wonderful idea to combine machine and hand quilting, suits it so well. I just love your Melbourne Town, Suz.

  2. A really lovely finish! It's bright & cheerful, and am sure it looks great in your sewing room. I think combining machine & hand quilting is often the way to go, practicality plus some big hand stitching to- as you say- finish it all off.

  3. This looks great. I often use unused vintage cotton sheeting ( I got a lot from my Gran's house) for the backs of quilts or the quilted part of a pillow. Like you said, they are unseen, and much more cost efficient.

  4. This is spectacular. I love the special buts you added in the sky. I'd love to see it up close.

  5. A very interesting quilt ~ the more you look, the more you see.

  6. Love it so much! What a beautiful addition to your sewing room. I bet it makes you smile whenever you see it.

    PS love the 1/2 Dresdens / NY Beauties 💕

  7. You've done a wonderful job, Suz ... so bright und colorful ... an awesome idea to deplete "old" blocks ... Thank's a lot, for sharing it ... =)))

  8. I love it! I need to get started on mine, yours is very inspiring.

  9. Melbourne Town turned out gorgeous! I like the combination of machine and hand quilting. Much more sane IMO. The diagonals in the sky are striking. Congrats on a wonderful finish!!!!!

  10. Well done finishing! I'm still plodding along. What a fabulous, fun quilt you've created. Simply amazing! I love it!

  11. I would never judge your backside! I should say, as long as you won't judge mine! Your quilt is fantastic! I can imagine how sunny it must look on your sewing room wall. What a great place for it!

  12. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful and even inspires me to make one even though I just finished making all of my Gypsy Wife blocks and don't want to make another Jen Kingwell pattern. This one, though I love the way the blocks are set and the blocks look so fun to make. Unfortunately, I've been looking for the pattern and can't find it. You and I both feel the same way about backing; I always wait for a sale or good $5 a yard fabric. Your backing like the front is perfect.

  13. It turned out just perfect - I just love it! And it remains such an inspiration, backside and all.

  14. The backing fabric is pretty and works really well, and of course the front is amazing!! Congratulations on such a great finish!!

  15. Melbourne Town looks beautiful, I like the diagonal quilting in the sky, reminds me of rain :)

  16. This is really beautiful. I can't believe mine is done as well! Although I didn't do all the extra pieces in Section 5 because of all the sky busy-ness going on. I plan on making a mini quilt of only Section 5 and doing the hexies, dresden, etc. Your quilt is just lovely!

  17. Another fabulous finish!! I like the mixed quilting techniques. They add to the hustle and bustle of the "town". Great job!!!

  18. This is so wonderful. I love quilts with yellow. The handquilting looks great alongside the machine quilting.

  19. A beautiful quilt you've made. And I love the back side too.

  20. Just love all the little details you included in your town.

  21. Hi There. I am doing a catch up.
    Melbourne Town looks great. I enjoy looking at all the different fabrics that make up this wonderful quilt. I enjoy the way you combine machine and hand quilting to achieve a wonderful result.
    I have no problem with the backing. It is your quilt and your choice!
    Congratulations on a great finish.

  22. Well done. It looks great, and you must be happy to have it on the wall. I've stalled on mine, but I will get back to it and will probably just keep going on it until it's all finished. The quilt along didn't really work for me. I think I'm better to do it in my own time. I'll refer back to your posts for guidance!

  23. I so love this quilt! (And love the way you execute it and FINISHED it. . . you are always an example to me.) I finally picked up some small hexies yesterday at the quilt show, so I guess I'm moving it up to the top of my list, and your finish inspires me. It's so terrific!!


  24. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
    I put a bit of thought into the back of lap and bed quilts as they get moved and folded and flipped, so both sides show. For wall-hangings, I think you are right to say it doesn't matter. (But I don't mind what you chose anyway!)

  25. How marvelous that you completed this quilt... already! You make me feel like a slug. Or, as I really am, a quilter who can't keep her attention on just one project. Your Melbourne Town turned out beautifully, back and all! I need to see a picture of it hanging on the wall of your sewing room. Do you just love staring at it? Good tip about the triangle hangers, by the way. I have never done that and need to give it a go on a smaller quilt. Now... to get to my own MSW that's been on the design wall since July, untouched!


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