Monday, May 27, 2013

Another WIP.....

While there has been a lot of 

S...L....O.....W....... sewing here lately,

I have needed some 'instant gratification' 

(of the fabric sort) at the sewing machine!

After borrowing this book from my library 

earlier in the year....

 I decided I'd use my stash of 

chocolate and raspberry 

fabric to make these....

Constructed as an "S"...

or a "2"

or a "5"?

or my initials!

I have been playing with a layout....

Not sure how this is working yet...

It may need some sashing?

And on a side note...

I'd love your vote in the Scrap Quilt section 

My quilt is at the start....

has been nominated in the Viewer's Choice section!

Please vote for her too!

Happy sewing!



  1. are too sweet! I did place a vote for you! Yay! I tried to vote twice but it wouldn't let me! Hee hee! Wow! YOu have some stash of chocolate and raspberry. This is looking great. I will have to take a look at that book...I don't think I have seen it. It is Memorial Day weekend here. We have been busy today. Thank you for your friendship...I treasure it....and you! xo

  2. What fun to be making S's for a quilt. I did vote for you and for Mary already, before you asked, cuz both quilts are wonderful.

  3. Wow these look fabulous, curious to see the finish. Good luck in the festival!!

  4. I have been a responsible citizen and voted! Good luck (and lovely Ss, BTW).

  5. Hmmm…. on point, maybe? They're lovely.

  6. The blocks look really fun. i really like that geometric print in your first block.

  7. Funny....I just had that same Kaffe book out from my library and noted that quilt! Great minds think alike....yours is so the colors! (you got my vote!)

  8. Sometimes fast sewing is needed. Best of luck in the voting. Your quilt is so gorgeous I am sure it will do really well.

  9. Those S blocks are really fun, very cool to have a block of your initial. I hadn't noticed the viewers choice category, I'm glad you mentioned it because I noticed my Dollop of Cream quilt in there too!! Happy Dance!

  10. I love the 's'! Brilliant! I will be voting tonight if I get a chance ;)

  11. Love the new quilt! Will go and vote!

  12. Voting done! Loved the new quilt.

  13. Off to vote now. Good luck.

  14. I like those blocks, very much. I've voted, best of luck.

  15. Voted for you and Mary!!!!
    Hope you both win xx

  16. voted for you and also love your new project.

  17. Very cool quilt blocks! I love that idea--just needed to have some time with the cloth and the piecing. I wrote down all the things I wanted to finish up this summer, and told my husband I felt bored by everyone of them (not that I don't like them--just that they've been hanging around too long!). So I completely understand this idea!

    Elizabeth E.


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