Thursday, May 23, 2013

Really Random Thursday....

I received this card for Mother's Day....

from my son...

...get it?

And the tape measure has a fashion graphic for 

every decade from the late 1700's!

And this stash of fabric arrived in the post recently!

Thank you Cindy, you are very generous!

I have long loved owls....

This is one of my favourite quilts,

Chubby Star
Chubby Star made with Alexander Henry "Spotted Owl" fabric...

so when I 'spotted' this mug (on the right) for $2 

in my local Op Shop....

I knew I had a treasure!

It was a perfect partner for my other Fitz and Floyd 

mug from 1978!

Unfortunately there hasn't been much sewing 


except some slow stitching on my 

Museum Medallion.

MCM5 Feather Block
And the arrival of another beautiful 

feather, from Elizabeth!

Thank you, I love it!

I hope to be back soon with something new!

Happy days!



  1. That card is gorgeous! You have the best kids. Great randomness :o)

  2. Very cute card - love the fabric too!

  3. Love the quilt and your owls are very cute!!

  4. Oh these feathers, they are going to look so good together! And I love the low value stash. I'm about to cut into mine.

  5. What a cute card! And the fabric is fantastic! Looks like you have a great selection of text prints....yay! I love your chubby star quilt {I guess I should finish mine, right?} The medallion quilt will be wonderful....surely you are keeping this one! Enjoy the rest of your week, friend!

  6. I'm learning so much about you this week Susan! twittwoo

  7. That card is brilliant!! Cute owls too... twit twoo!

  8. Great randomness going on at your house! I like the words on your lovely fabric package.."who needs Quilt Market!". It certainly looks like you've got plenty to keep you inspired for a while.

  9. I remember once as a teen buying a mother's day card for my Dad that said something like "after all, without fathers there wouldn't be mothers". hehe They got a good kick out of that.

  10. Those two mugs really go together. I love the measuring tape - too cute. With that beautiful quilt - I'm sure more sewing will be going on this next week.

  11. Love the card!! Your tape measure looks fun. Awesome stack of fabrics, are they for a special project? You've got a fun owl collection, the mug is a perfect addition.

  12. Great card, and super stash of fabric!!!

  13. I love our mug! They suit each other so well! Great Mother's Day card!

  14. I love your Mother's Day card and that fabric looks wonderful :)

  15. Thanks for sharing all those delightful bits and pieces.

  16. That card is just too cute! And your plugging away on Museum Medallion is looking really nice. Love the feather block Elizabeth made. You're going to have a lovely feather quilt.


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