Friday, May 31, 2013

It's my turn... Queen for the Modern Stitching Bee!

I had seen a block I really liked, 

called Rocky Mountain Puzzle...

The ones on the left have centres cut at 4.5"         The ones on the right have centres cut at 4"
Borders are cut at 1.5"                                  Borders are 1.75" 

and decided to make this my block for June!

There is a slight variation in the samples (above)....

Choose the size to match the fabric you have chosen 

to fussy cut.

So here's a cutting and piecing guide.


*Fussy cut a 4.5" square for centre (sewing machine print)
cut 1.5" X 22" strip (blue floral) 
cross cut into 
2 X 1.5" X 4.5"
2 X 1.5" X 6.5"

cut 5 X 4" squares (yellow)

cut 5 X 4" squares (Kona white)

[ if your 1/4" seam is accurate these squares can be cut to 3.75"]

and cut 2 X 3.5 " squares (Kona white)

( *alternately Fussy cut a 4" square and 1.75" X 21" strip
cross cut into
2 X 4"
2 X 6.5")


1. Add 1.5" ( or 1.75") strip to top and bottom,

then sides.

This centre square should now measure 6.5"

2. Draw a diagonal line on each white square and pair 

with coloured one

3. Chain piece each square .25" on either side...

and cut to yield 10 HSTs, trim to measure 3.5"

4. Join as shown below...

This is sideways- the white squares should be in the top right and bottom left corners
 to suit your fussy cut centre!

adding the white corner squares to the each side.

* Careful pressing will get the seams nesting nicely....

And there it is....

Larger centre square, narrower border

Smaller centre square, wider border.

I have asked for blocks in the soft colours shown-

 lemon, lime, light aqua/blue, pink

with touches of grey or soft tan. 

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Happy  Sewing!



  1. Oh love your blocks! This will be very nice!

  2. Good choice, I love the fussy cut centres. Hope you receive lots of lovely blocks!

  3. What a great block...every time I drop by you inspire me!

  4. Fabulous blocks! I really like the way the centres are different sizes, and the fun fussy fabrics!!

  5. A fun block for fussy cutting!

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Ooh aah - this is a gorgeous block! Great choice. Hope your worker bees have lots of fun with it!

  7. Thinking icecream and sherbert! Fun choice Susan.

  8. Love your blocks! But you are confusing me...I am trying to decide what to get the girls in my Bee to make for me next month, I thought I had decided but I love your blocks!

  9. wow! I love this block Susan!

  10. That's going to be a smashing quilt!

  11. The perfect block to showcase those sweet centres. Love the colours.

  12. I always love the way you set out your bee blocks for your bee-ers to make. I might have to try this one for myself--love the fussy cut centers!

    Elizabeth E.

  13. Late in my blog reading catch up but love the block you have chosen.

  14. Gorgeous blocks! I love the fussy cut centres, especially the sewing motifs!
    Helen x

  15. Love the block you have chosen, and the fussy cut centres. It's going to look awesome.

  16. Look at TWO modern bees!! I love this block and especially the fussy cut sewing machine!!


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